YouTube classes for all levels

Making yoga accessible for all

Something new that has been born out of the past year of Covid lockdowns is my YouTube channel – ‘Brigitte Riley Yoga’. I originally started the channel simply to offer online classes for my regular students to continue practicing at home and never expected anything back in return. However, it has been the most wonderful platform and has given back more than I could have possibly imagined. I regularly receive messages of gratitude and inspiration from both yoga teachers and yoga students, with the added bonus of having re-connected with students that I have not seen in years. The channel is gradually growing in subscribers and blossoming in to a community of likeminded followers.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks for your continued support and I aspire to continue adding new videos to my collection each week.

Below, there are a few videos to sample – and if you follow this YouTube link, it will take you over to my Brigitte Riley Yoga studio channel where there are a whole catalogue of other classes to practice too.

Also if you press the SUBSCRIBE button beneath these videos, then you will be notified of classes as they are posted – Enjoy!