These testimonials make me feel so very privileged to do what I do, they are personal and lovely. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks for your ongoing studentship/ friendship and for giving me permission to publish them here.  B xx


Brigitte’s beautifully designed classes are a culmination of her years of experience and her innate ability to connect with her students. She manages to gently encourage her beginners, yet stretch her experienced yoginis; to be soulful, yet playful, all at the same time. Brigitte’s authenticity and wonderful philosophy make every session meaningful, and her teachings always inspire me to take something forward into my daily life. Whether it’s vinyasa, yin, meditation, or nidra, she brings her own unqiue magic every time, and her sessions and retreats always leave me feeling ‘smoothed out’ in both body and mind.  – Lorie Sutton

Brigitte’s classes are inspiring and profoundly moving, the perspective that she brings is one that always resonates on a deep level with me. The flowing commentary, instruction and spiritual reflections are simply beautiful. There is something hypnotic about her classes because the physical and mental focus are entwined to support each other. Brigitte has a soothing reassuring warmth in her voice conveying expression and real clarity, which gives me clarity over the minor tribulations in my every day life. I continually feel a freshness, depth and new energy to my own practice now, as what I have learned comes back to me in little realisations every now and again. Through Brigitte’s teachings, I actually feel different about myself and the world around me. I hope in the future many more people will get to experience and appreciate the gift of yoga practice with this special lady. – Sharon Smith

I have been studying under Brigitte since the beginning of my yoga journey, she has brought me physical and emotional awareness as well as transformation. Her classes are a joy. They are energizing, respectful, filled with uplifting music, warmth, transporting scents and key moments of silence. Her teaching is underpinned by a deep intention set at the beginning of class which may honour the seasons, nature, a connection to our hearts or simply the beauty of humanity. Principles of alignment, breath work, expert knowledge of anatomy and conveying integrity of posture are threaded through every class. Instruction is given with strength and clarity, but with softness, flexibility and humour too. There is always the chance to play and try something new, and in this space the most beautiful things happen; advanced postures are sometimes achieved, emotional release and peace unravels, and the strongest friendships are formed.
Brigitte is forever kind, forever non-judgmental, inclusive and abundantly positive whilst also acknowledging the darker, more challenging aspects of life. What makes her classes unique is her capacity to give wholly and completely, in body, soul and spirit, to her students and the yogic space. The collective energy in the room will be pumping with heat, laughter and dynamic movement one minute, and to a questioning, contemplative, restorative tone the next. Her classes facilitate the most powerful choreography of the human spirit I have yet experienced. To enter Brigitte’s class is to enter a sacred space. Nothing should hold you back if you “thinking” about trying yoga with Brigitte – you are already there, because she has already welcomed you, and no matter what, you are in safe hands. – Imogen Clare,

Brigitte is not only a brilliant meditation and yoga teacher but an amazingly selfless and inspiring individual. She’s always learning more to pass on to her yogis. Whether at one of her yoga classes, meditation or the sublime restorative yoga, she takes great care of us all and you can’t fail to leave inspired and feeling a whole lot better than when you went in! Personally Brigitte has given me loads of free advice, particularly when I was seriously ill last year. Everyone should try her classes or retreats. You will wish you joined years ago! – Carol Rutherford

“Brigitte is an inspirational tutor and writer, she is also one of those unique teachers who is always growing herself through practise, training and experience, then synthesizing these facets into understandable practises and philosophy for her students. She has helped me personally to rebuild post various life challenges, injuries and surgeries whilst at the same time encouraging me and keeping the experience fun, hence the reason I always come back. Her retreats are exceptional and the fact that she truly cares about you as a person too, shines through everything she does. I could not recommend Brigitte more highly. – Valerie Bridges.”

Brigitte is an amazing teacher! Her classes flow, they give me strength, confidence, they are fun although sometimes challenging, which always keeps me coming back. I’m so happy that I was introduced to yoga by Brigitte, she brings her experience and real compassion in to each unique class.  I also attended a retreat that she organized in Italy and made some great new friends, we laughed so much and had the most inspiring yoga experience. I will definitely go on another retreat with Brigitte….
I Love Yoga! Thank you Brigitte. – Fiona Bowler

Brigitte has been a part of my yoga journey for around 6 years. I’ve been practicing for ever & am now teaching yoga myself. I have been lucky enough to share many a workshop & magical retreat with her. Brigitte keeps it real & teaches from the heart. I love her classes. Her teaching is inspiring, dynamic, intelligently planned & sequenced, challenging, yet playful. She brings to her teaching the perfect mix of enthusiasm, inspiration & authenticity. But most importantly, Brigitte teaches her students how to take yoga into their everyday life; a very special gift. A very special yoga teacher. Love her! – Sally Crawford

I have been practicing yoga with Brigitte for a number of years and have also been lucky enough to join her on several retreats. Brigitte is an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher, her enthusiasm is contagious. She is one of those charismatic people who have the rare quality of creating an atmosphere of self belief and trust. I began practicing yoga following a devastating period in my life when I lost someone very dear to me. In addition to this I work with children who have experienced extreme loss and trauma. The work can leave me feeling sad and empty at times. On my journey to experience and learn yoga I had a desire to build physical strength and flexibility. Whilst this began to take place, an extraordinary emotional strength and spiritual awareness also grew. I have found that Brigitte sprinkles a little bit of magic in her classes and on her retreats and if we are open to this we can sense this in our hearts and feel the warmth. I am left feeling energised and full of serenity and joy both physically and emotionally stronger and more able to face the world again. Thank you Brigitte for bringing colour back into my world. – Pene Sinnott

When I first went along to one of Brigitte’s classes I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was somewhat sceptical and not just a little apprehensive. However, Brigitte’s such a great tutor. She makes everything fall into place so effortlessly – helping even a real novice like me assume positions that I’d never ever dreamed of. At times I still can’t quite understand why I’d even want to. All I know is that, with Brigitte’s encouragement, I do (even if, I have to admit, its not always with the greatest of success). But it’s not the physical side of things that keeps me going back for more. Precisely what it is, I don’t yet really know. Maybe it’s to do with the feeling that with Brigitte’s help I’m finally learning to be at peace with myself and the world around me. The one thing I am certain about though is that from the moment I sit on my mat at the beginning of each session I feel privileged simply to be a part of it. – Pete Wong

Brigitte is not only a wonderful teacher, she is an incredibly warm person who makes her classes a real personal experience. Whether you’re bendy and flexible, or your body likes to hold on to tension, Brigitte always has a suggestion for alternatives which will maximise the benefits you gain from her class. Her passion for yoga shines through, and I always come out of her classes feeling amazing. – Annabel Caulfield

I have been on the most incredible journey with Brigitte and have been honoured to learn from her and with her. She teaches from her heart and her reality, this has inspired me to make my own journey into teaching knowing, from her example, that I can be a real person and a yoga teacher. – Geni Ebbets

I started to practice yoga with Brigitte in 2008 and put simply, it has had a profoundly positive effect on my life to the extent that I am now a yoga teacher myself. If I am able to impart a tenth of the inspiration, hope and joy in my own students as she has in me, then I know that I’m on the right track. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or new to the practice, Brigitte’s well crafted classes will suit you. She’s a very experienced, compassionate soul who teaches from an authentic place – her heart! – Kay Parker

I stumbled across Brigitte’s yoga class about 9 years ago and accidentally embarked on an entirely wonderful and ongoing journey. I turned up to improve my fitness and flexibility; I got and keep getting so much more. Brigitte delivers a rare blend of in-depth knowledge body mechanics and spiritual integrity, delivered in a down-to-earth and warm way. Through Brigitte, I realised that the point of yoga is not to be able to tie yourself in knots but to learn how to navigate life in a healthy and happy way. The physical transformation is a welcome side effect compared to the real benefits of her teaching. On my mat, I learnt that how noisy my habitual thoughts are when meeting challenge. More importantly, I discovered the magic that unfolds by meeting life’s challenges by simply putting my attention on my breath, being open to possibility and letting go of any expectation, positive or negative. As well as lovely friends, amazing memories from retreats and the ability to touch my toes, yoga has given me a perspective that has improved every aspect of my life. I will always be immensely grateful for Brigitte for helping me to take my yoga off my mat and into my little world in a way that makes it so much brighter and more fulfilling to live in. – Jill Crawford

Brigitte is an amazing person and brings all her skills, passion, compassion and joy of life in to her classes. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you always learn something new to help you on your journey. – Deborah Cornick

Brigitte teaches from the heart, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience. She just seems to know when you need an easier option or when you need to be challenged. Her vinyasa classes can be strong and dynamic or smooth and soulful. Her yin classes will stretch your muscles and her restorative classes leave you nourished. She can guide you in meditation and relax you with yoga nidra. Her urban retreat days and her international retreat holidays will leave you completely refreshed and relaxed. Brigitte is a compassionate and caring person with a love of life and a sense of humour. – Karen Roberts

Brigitte’s classes always make me happy. She teaches from her heart and draws on her huge amount of knowledge and experience to give each person in her class a special practice, tailored to them. Be prepared to play! – Lisa Cook

Since practicing yoga with Brigitte I have learned to weave what I learn in classes into everyday life rather than just turning up on my mat once a week. Brigitte is inspirational and teaches from her heart, she uses real life experiences and opens her heart to all, I always feel empowered to try new things and enjoy the journey. I come out of classes feeling nurtured and relaxed. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful and inspiring teacher. – Cath Aylmer
Brigitte is an amazing woman and yoga teacher, I have completed 2 courses with her. She truly is an inspiration and I feel blessed to have her as my Yoga teacher. I can strongly recommend her even if you have no knowledge of yoga…she will make you most welcome and every event or class is a blissful experience…Namaste. – Petra Schulz