I have been practicing yoga with Brigitte for a number of years and have also been lucky enough to join her on several retreats. Brigitte is an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher, her enthusiasm is contagious. She is one of those charismatic people who have the rare quality of creating an atmosphere of self belief and trust. I began practicing yoga following a devastating period in my life when I lost someone very dear to me. In addition to this I work with children who have experienced extreme loss and trauma. The work can leave me feeling sad and empty at times. On my journey to experience and learn yoga I had a desire to build physical strength and flexibility. Whilst this began to take place, an extraordinary emotional strength and spiritual awareness also grew. I have found that Brigitte sprinkles a little bit of magic in her classes and on her retreats and if we are open to this we can sense this in our hearts and feel the warmth. I am left feeling energised and full of serenity and joy both physically and emotionally stronger and more able to face the world again. Thank you Brigitte for bringing colour back into my world.

Pene Sinnott