If you’re wondering whether to try this or not, I’d say (unreservedly, and from personal experience). Oh my good gosh, you have to experience this at least once in your life. Whether you’re starting out on your yoga journey and you’re scared it’s too advanced; or whether you’ve never experienced yoga nidra and meditation, and you’re wondering whether it’s a bit flippin’ weird; or whether the thought of gongs and meditation is just one step too far…just trust: it’s amazing. This is Brigitte’s special magic, and to experience all this just once in a lifetime, all in one day, is a truly special thing. It all takes place in a safe, warm, and comfortable environment, where you just open up somehow and have fun too, amongst like-minded people of differing abilities. And I only know this because I’ve been there time and time again…and every time I go I learn something new: about my body, my life, or my soul. Maybe you’re already an experienced yogi, so you can revel in Brigitte’s expertise in soulful vinyasa, perfect alignment, positive encouragement, and her magical exploration of comfortable limits – you will achieve much more than you expected you would, believe me. Either way, it’s one those things you’re more likely to regret not doing – life is too short not to. Namaste x


Lorie Sutton