I stumbled across Brigitte’s yoga class about 9 years ago and accidentally embarked on an entirely wonderful and ongoing journey. I turned up to improve my fitness and flexibility; I got and keep getting so much more. Brigitte delivers a rare blend of in-depth knowledge body mechanics and spiritual integrity, delivered in a down-to-earth and warm way. Through Brigitte, I realised that the point of yoga is not to be able to tie yourself in knots but to learn how to navigate life in a healthy and happy way. The physical transformation is a welcome side effect compared to the real benefits of her teaching. On my mat, I learnt that how noisy my habitual thoughts are when meeting challenge. More importantly, I discovered the magic that unfolds by meeting life’s challenges by simply putting my attention on my breath, being open to possibility and letting go of any expectation, positive or negative. As well as lovely friends, amazing memories from retreats and the ability to touch my toes, yoga has given me a perspective that has improved every aspect of my life. I will always be immensely grateful for Brigitte for helping me to take my yoga off my mat and into my little world in a way that makes it so much brighter and more fulfilling to live in.

Jill Crawford