Master the art of hands on assists and adjustments

And learn how to skillfully translate energy through touch


Weekend CPD Teacher training workshop

Master the art of hands on assists and adjustments as well as how to translate energy through touch.


Dates deferred due to Covid


At this advanced teacher training weekend, you will master the art of hands of how to skilfully translate energy through touch as well as learn the difference between a hands on assist  – versus an adjustment

At this weekend CPD teacher training workshop, you will learn hands on techniques that sensitively cultivate, communicate and exchange energy to your students via touch.
As yoga teachers we have a variety of tools available to guide our students; we can give clear verbal instructions, we can demonstrate, or we can offer a subtle hands-on approach referred to as an ‘assist’ or a stronger, firmer hands on – ‘adjustment.
Assists can be a  more powerful tool for yoga teachers when used with sensitivity – not force. Over the course of the weekend, you will develop a deeper understanding of the ‘energetic s’ of touch and how to intuitively listen with the hands, thus using them as clear and compassionate communicators that will enhance and assist prana to move like water through the body. You will be encouraged to listen and tune in to your students, so that they too learn how to listen and communicate with their own body, thus evolving their practice in a more natural energetic way.
As we delve deeper into the weekend, you will gain greater perception of the difference between an energetic assist, a hands on assist, and when you may need to perform a deeper hands on adjustment.
At this teacher training, you can expect to gain the confidence and knowledge required, that can help to retrain certain patterns of being within the human body thus facilitating the release of stagnant energy and optimizing complete vitality. Participants will be encouraged to inquire and to develop the ability to observe as well as perceive the language of energy and movement, which will help them to discern when assists or when adjustments might be most appropriate and beneficial.
What you’ll learn

How to stabilise mobile body parts and mobilise stuck body parts through;

  1. Assists that are grounded – to offer support but without force
  2. Assists that are intuitive, energetic-to offer sensitivity, feeling and compassion.
  3. Adjustments that correct misalignments – how to offer a stronger adjustment when necessary.

We will look to see where free movement in an asana already exists and an adjustment may not be required, but instead the movement of energy via an assist, but also when there is disruption or a block in energetic flow or misalignment that may be better shifted through a firmer adjustment.

Through 17 years of teaching experience and having attended many yoga therapeutic yoga courses, I have developed a unique and personal blueprint/patent for this course. I have already taught this advanced training course several times, it has been a great success. Here is the wonderful feedback I have received.
Just a quick email to say thank you so much for a truly inspiring weekend and for generously passing on so much of your knowledge and teaching tips.  I felt a bit overwhelmed on Sunday afternoon, but as the week has gone by and I have had chance to reflect and take on board some of your suggestions in my personal practice on the mat, I realise how much I learnt over the two days.  I am sure my teaching will be enriched from the experience. I hope to join you again some time for a workshop / retreat.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such an incredible weekend. I loved every single moment of it and I gained so much knowledge. I started going back over my notes today (I made a lot!) and every page is full of your amazing wisdom…… I will continue to learn from what you have taught me for a long, long time to come!
I only wish, that I could have made notes during the first meditation! It was utterly incredible!
I can’t imagine how much energy it must take to teach like that?!! There simply aren’t words good enough to describe you!
I hope I have the privilege of training with you again.

The weekend workshop with Brigitte was utterly amazing! I’ve never had such fun while having so much wisdom imparted on me! Brigitte is kind, knowledgeable beyond belief and has the gift of being able to share her wisdom in the most amazing way! She is a powerhouse of energy and her teachings are moving, funny and hugely educational. .

Thank you for the most beautifully inspiring weekend and for sharing your empowering wisdom. I can’t wait to share the exciting energy assists that I learnt with my students.
I had the most amazing weekend, you are an inspirational lady! I’ve learnt so much and not only about yoga but about myself, If I can share 10% of what I’ve learnt to my amazing students, I will be so happy.
Brigitte Riley training programmes and courses are approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher in Milton Keynes for 18 years and is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching. She is known for her in-depth knowledge and anatomy expertise with regards to correct body alignment and yoga for therapeutic healing. Brigitte also has a wealth of skill and experience in teaching fluid creative vinyasa as well as many other different styles of yoga. Her philosophy on life, authenticity, natural warmth and heartfelt approach radiates through in to her teachings and students are inspired by her ‘keeping it real’ wisdom. Brigitte teaches weekly classes and private’s in Milton Keynes, as well as vocational yoga teacher training courses and mentoring for yoga teachers. She also teaches both workshops and yoga retreats nationally and internationally.



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