Innovative and practical 200 hour yoga teacher training - 2021





This will be a fully comprehensive, and very practical hands-on 200 hour yoga teacher training course. There will be emphasis on acquiring practical teaching skills that will be of use in the classroom setting which is why this course cannot be taught on line. You can expect to be consistently on your mat practicing, developing more confidence in your subject and discovering your own unique voice, all of which is absolutely conducive to becoming a fully-fledged competent yoga teacher.


  • The course is skill-fully structured with compassion, integrity and intelligence.

  • This teacher training course will be an intimate group with a maximum of 16 students in order to give you more personal attention.

  • Our teachers are both extremely knowledgeable, and have a highly respected reputation in every field of their teaching.

  • We aim to ‘personally’ mentor, support, communicate, empower and encourage you throughout the whole teacher training process.

  • EVERY session will include a themed and comprehensive 90 minute class so that you learn by example. You will therefore gain first hand experience of vinyasa and hatha yoga, meditation as well as pranayama, taught with intention, purpose, powerful alignment principles, incorporating the full use of props, methodology, assisting/adjustments, modifications as well as intelligent sequencing, all of which are fundamental teaching skills.

  • Our yoga philosophy teachings will be taught by a guest teacher who is an experts in their field.

  • There will be TWO Intensive training modules as part of the course, recent studies have shown that an intensive practical format is the most efficient way to learn.

  • A detailed Teacher Training manual will be issued to each student on the 1st day.

  • Upon graduating as an accredited yoga teacher, students will have gained all the skills needed to begin teaching yoga with confidence, aptitude, understanding and passion.

  • On successful completion of the course you will qualify to register with internationally recognised Yoga Alliance Professionals as a RYT 200 hour yoga teacher, (Registered Yoga Teacher).

General overview of our syllabus


  • Unleashing the Power of Consciousness

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • A Patent for Creative and Innovative Sequencing

  • Exploration of the Subtle Body

  • Teaching Ethics and Finding the Voice of the Teacher


  • Alignment Principles and the Biomechanics of Posture and Movement

  • Posture Clinics

  • Class Theming

  • The Ultimate Guide to fully Utilising Yoga Props

  • Hands on’ Assists and Adjustments

  • Translating Energy through the Subtle Art of Touch

  • The Art of Demonstration and Observation


To be accepted onto the yoga teacher training course, we prefer our participants to have completed a minimum of 2 years consistent, dedicated twice weekly yoga practice under the guidance of a reputable and fully qualified yoga teacher(s).

To be updated in 2021, thank you for your patience.

Brigitte xx