One to one private yoga sessions

Practice with me, open your body and your mind

One to One Yoga Tuition and private small group sessions

Practice with me, open your body and your mind

One to one yoga sessions are such a rewarding part of my work. I have a spacious, fully equipped pine clad yoga cabin studio at the end of my garden which is very private and peaceful, so the perfect environment to teach and practice yoga. With 18 years of study and ‘teaching’ experience under my belt, I consequently have an in-depth anatomy and bio-mechanical knowledge of the human body. I have also studied extensively in learning how to therapeutically rehabilitate the body as well as stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

I am fully qualified to teach Therapeutic yoga, Somatic yoga, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama (breath work) as well as Beginners yoga.
With my knowledge of therapeutic yoga practices, I have helped to assist recovery from trauma, physical injuries, misalignment’s, surgery, as well as a variety of stress-related or immune system disorders. I have helped clients with chronic or debilitating illnesses as well as depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, fertility, digestive disorders, gut health, organ health, frequent headaches, asthma, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, joint pain, scoliosis, the menopause and much much more.
I also am available for Yoga Teacher mentoring and have been mentoring teachers for 10 years now, if you are a teacher and would like to know more, then please check out my teacher training and mentoring page or contact me for more info.
These 121 sessions take place in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes and will be tailored specifically for your personal level of experience as well as your individual needs. They can be more dynamic flow yoga or much more restorative, depending on your goals and lifestyle.
Do get in touch if you think that a 121 could be of interest to you, we can chat/consult more and arrange a mutually agreeable appointment. Also if you would like to come with a partner or friend, the space can facilitate 3 of us with social distancing and you can split the cost between you..

One to one payment options


Cancellation policy

*There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for 121 bookings, although I will of course be compassionate if it is due to illness or circumstances beyond your control.

“‘ I’m so deeply grateful to Brigitte for my weekly 90 minute 121 yoga sessions, they are truly a blessing. Brigitte is a highly experienced, knowledgeable yoga teacher and has the ability to skilfully adapt sessions according to your requests or needs. My personal 121 yoga sessions may include a combination of dynamic flow yoga, somatic yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga and meditation practices depending on how I’m feeling on the day. I am a doctor and work long hours for for the NHS, therefore I rely on these sessions to create a sense of calm, restore my vitality and help to build resilience for my work.”


Yin yoga one to one

If you feel you need to slow down or if you wish to increase your level of flexibility, then this is the practice for you. Yin is a passive, quiet, meditative practice, but can also be quite intense and challenging. The purpose is to apply moderate stress to the connective tissue, the tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility and releasing stress within the fascia tissue of the body. Yin consists of mostly seated postures which encourage a feeling of  letting go.

Alignment-based hatha/flow yoga one to one

A hatha/ vinyasa yoga session will incorporate, movement perfectly synchronised with breath so that we smoothly and safely transition from one pose to the next, this cultivates complete mindfulness. I will choreograph a creative sequence that may differ from week to week, depending on your goals. At this session you can expect to learn about, meditation, breathing techniques, mudra’s, body/breath movement awareness, you will also learn how to correct the bodily alignment of your bones/muscles too, you will occasionally be challenged to explore your limitations – body and mind.

Mindfulness/meditation one to ones or small group bookings

Mindfulness and Meditation teach you to be less reactive, feel less stressed and to become more focussed. Meditating can become part of a personal development plan or maybe you’re looking to improve your relationships with those around you. Whatever the reason, training the mind through meditation is training in awareness, and training in awareness offers the potential to fundamentally transform not only your perspective on life but also to alter your life in a positive way. At these sessions, you will be personally guided and will learn techniques that you will have in your tool box for life.

Restorative yoga one to one

Restorative Yoga is profoundly healing to the mind and body and it’s also a wonderful way to way to relax and soothe frayed nerves.  During a Restorative one to one session, you will use bolsters, blankets, and blocks so that the body can experience the benefits of a pose without having to exert any effort. The poses are simple and sometimes held for as long as 20 minutes, after which you will feel revived and absolutely divine.

Somatic yoga one to one

Somatic yoga is for anyone who suffers with chronic pain, aches and pains or stiffness. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit you are. Somatic movement involves a series of specific exercises that reconnect the brain with the muscles so you can let go of tightness in the body. The movements are slow and mindful, and are performed on the floor, so your body is more comfortable and isn’t fighting against gravity.

Therapeutic yoga one to one

These sessions are designed to stimulate the bodies natural healing mechanisms by incorporating a mix of breathing techniques, satya somatic yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga, all of which help to release energy blockages within the body and you can expect to work at a much slower and relaxed pace. You will be encouraged to observe, pay attention and really listen to your breath, body and mind, so that you gain clarity, focus and the nervous system calms, which is profoundly healing on all levels. This approach enables you to release held patterns or mis-alignments, assist in recovery from trauma, physical injuries, immune system disorders, as well as stress/ anxiety and fatigue that can erratically affect gut health, organ health, sleep patterns, emotional states and general sense of well being.


The perfect places for Yoga
The Granary Yoga Studio

The Granary Yoga Studio

The Granary Studio is a delightful rustic barn conversion, set in a peaceful location, close to Bedford and Milton Keynes - and only one mile from junction 13 of the M1. Master-classes, weekend workshops and teacher training sessions take place here.
Yoga Cabin Studio -  Woburn Sands

Yoga Cabin Studio - Woburn Sands

Here at my fully equipped private studio in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes I teach private one to ones, teacher mentoring sessions, small group beginners courses and mindfulness courses. Please contact me to book.