Strength and Spirit

A New Year Vinyasa Flow Master-class – via zoom

Strength and Spirit – A New Year Vinyasa Flow Master-class – via zoom

Sunday 3rd January – 10am – 11.30am


You are invited to join me for a 90 minute vinyasa class so that we can all come together to cast infinite intentions for the year ahead as a ‘collective’. The ending of this past year is an extraordinarily poignant time, so as we lay 2020 to rest, this class will encourage you to hold on to hope – as though something new is about to be born.

The practice will aim to help balance your metabolism and cleanse your body internally by increasing oxygenated blood flow to your internal digestive organs. You can expect some empowering, progressive vinyasa flow sequences, to include, some strong standing poses, plenty of twists, some deep forward folds and shoulder openers. All threaded together with detailed alignment technique and appropriate modifications that will serve your individual body.

On a deeper level, this masterclass will remind us of our ‘collective’ infinite potential for the year ahead. We will give thanks for all of the bright things that have been born out of the darkness of 2020, such as resilience, learning to slow down, be more understanding, compassionate, loving, sharing and supportive.

We will remind ourselves that the qualities of staying present, being open to impermanence, perseverance as well as acceptance are key right now as we continue forwards with hope. In turn these qualities offer us an inner strength, as well as the ability to trust and believe both in ourselves, each other and the future of our planet. When we hold these capabilities, we are more able to deal with life’s challenges so that we can cope with anything that LIFE or COVID-19 decides to throw at us next.

This 90 minute zoom class will be a fusion of inspiring meditation, meaningful intention, mudra, pranayama, spirited flowing yoga, floor work and relaxation.

For all levels of yoga student with good body awareness and experience in vinyasa flow, (not for complete beginners).

“There’s a different kind of listening we use, with the subtle shifts of physical consciousness, then the breath untangles the tightness of the body and mind, and we become curious to the process. That inquiry keeps us grounded in our own reality, so that we can live from a place of peace and truth.”


Cost – £10

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