About Brigitte

My love affair with yoga began at the tender age of 18 when I worked at a Health Farm as a Beauty Therapist. It was there that I discovered (old school) Hatha yoga. It was nowhere near as hip, cool and main stream as it is today, in fact it was quite basic, however, after about a year, I began to realize that I was not only more flexible but that I also felt really calm after my yoga class, I was hooked.

However, soon after I turned 21, it was the late ‘Eighties’ and London was beckoning, so I swapped the Health Farm and Yoga for a high flying Executive Career with a large well known Cosmetics company. I was very quickly introduced to a taste of the high life, from; big hair, big shoulder pads, company car, champagne lunches in plush London hotels to promotional trips abroad. I worked 24/7 and with that came big pay cheques but also big stress levels!

Fast forward to the late 90’s, I was married with 2 lovely children, lived in a beautiful house in the country and had the lifestyle to match, on the outside my life looked picture perfect, but behind closed doors, I knew different, my marriage was falling apart and I certainly wasn’t living my truth but I couldn’t see a way out.

It was at this time that I was introduced to a very different style of yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and so began my next love affair with yoga. I practiced Ashtanga religiously twice a week for 3 years, I totally got it. Yoga got me out of my head and in to my heart, it made me more aware of my innermost feelings, it made me feel free and more connected to my intuition, I decided that I wanted to learn more. At this time, by chance, my yoga teacher had just taken a class in a yoga studio in Cornwall with Bridget Woods Kramer.

Bridget was teaching a new style of yoga (after spending several years in the States studying personally with John Friend), it was named ‘Anusara Yoga’, so I looked her up and booked her very first training courses of Anusara in the UK. That first week of training with Bridget absolutely intensified and sealed my passion for yoga forever and had a profound effect on the direction my life was about to take. She is such a sweet, humble, caring lady and has magnified my understanding of yoga in infinite ways. I am so immensely grateful to her for everything she has taught me on and off the mat over the years. I will always refer to her as my primary teacher, she is now also a dear friend whom I don’t see nearly often enough.

After my first training with Bridget in the Spring of 2003, I started teaching almost immediately and doors have been opening for me ever since. At first I was asked to cover a couple of classes in local health clubs, then before I knew it, within a year, I had 18 regular classes per week which was not ideal and exhausting to say the least. However I found that practising and teaching yoga was my dharma, it also helped me through an extremely traumatic, intense and difficult period of my life. Yoga was my lifeline of sanity and stability, it literally offered me the strength to process a family death, an abusive alcoholic relationship, my divorce, bankruptcy, as well as giving me the empowerment to raise and support my 2 children as a single Mum and move forwards in my life – those classes also paid my bills.

Fast forward again and that seems like a lifetime ago, as the saying goes, ‘after the dark times there is always light’. I am now an established yoga teacher with 17 years of teaching experience and have accumulated over 2000 hours of personal development, training and study over this time which has qualified me as a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. I have been privileged to study and learn from numerous world class teachers of immeasurable excellence and consequently, have gained a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience in many different styles of yoga.

I now happily remarried and live in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes with my husband Brian, my cats and dog. Brian is also a yoga teacher and my absolute rock, we live a contented life and share the same beliefs, goals and visions for our future. My children are now grown up, my son is a very talented artist/musician and is currently taking a couple of years out travelling the world, and my daughter has moved to London where she is building a great career in the city. I am hugely proud of them both, they have turned in to completely well rounded, kind, generous, friendly individuals and they totally get the philosophy behind what I do,

So my life now – I practice, study, teach and mentor yoga, I write, I read, I walk my dog every day in the beautiful woods near us, I’m always listening to an eclectic genre of music, I love socialising and going out once in a while but also am just as content staying in, spending time with my family, cooking and entertaining friends at home. I love exploring different cultures, travelling, festivals and generally living my life to its richest potential these days.

I believe that when we can align our Body, Mind and Heart, we are literally choosing to become more conscious – of ourselves, others and the world around us. My yoga journey has taught me to sit with my shit, process it and then to make self affirming choices, I can choose to be inspired, live my truth, grow and evolve in to a more balanced happier person or choose to live a life of lies, regrets and unhappiness. Yoga has given me back my freedom of spirit, it’s opened my heart to love, it’s given my mind such clarity. Its enabled me to wholeheartedly embrace every moment and cherish all that life has to offer. It has also encouraged me to seek adventure, try new things and above all laugh and have fun. I feel that the greatest danger in life is routine and becoming regimented.

Lastly, the most fantastic thing about teaching yoga is that I will always be a student, there is always room for further study and positive personal growth, there is no arrival point of knowledge. I am passionate about what I do and I feel blessed that I am able to impart and share my learning experiences so that I can inspire confidence, promote healing, and offer a sense of well being to others .

Brigitte xx



These testimonials make me feel so very privileged to do what I do. They are personal and lovely. Thank you to all of you for giving me permission to publish them here and for your ongoing studentship and friendship.  B xx

Brigitte has been a part of my yoga journey for around 6 years. I’ve been practicing for ever & am now teaching yoga myself. I have been lucky enough to share many a workshop & magical retreat with her. Brigitte keeps it real & teaches from the heart. I love her classes. Her teaching is inspiring, dynamic, intelligently planned & sequenced, challenging, yet playful. She brings to her teaching the perfect mix of enthusiasm, inspiration & authenticity. But most importantly, Brigitte teaches her students how to take yoga into their everyday life; a very special gift. A very special yoga teacher. Love her! Read more

Sally Crawford

Brigitte’s beautifully designed classes are a culmination of her years of experience and her innate ability to connect with her students. She manages to gently encourage her beginners, yet stretch her experienced yoginis; to be soulful, yet playful, all at the same time. Brigitte’s authenticity and wonderful philosophy make every session meaningful, and her teachings always inspire me to take something forward into my daily life. Whether it’s vinyasa, yin, meditation, or nidra, she brings her own unqiue magic every time, and her sessions and retreats always leave me feeling ‘smoothed out’ in both body and mind. Read more

Lorie Sutton

I first went on retreat with Brigitte after deciding I needed to get out of my comfort zone and face some fears. I had never been away on my own and never flown for more than 4 hours so after Brigitte was recommended to me I decided to jump in at the deep end and go to Goa with her. From the moment arriving at the airport Brigitte and her partner Brian were very welcoming and made me feel part of the group. I had the best time! My physical practice evolved, and my meditation practice too during the 10 days. I met some beautiful souls and have really lovely memories from the first retreat and my second which proved to be just as amazing!! Read more

Julie Davis Campbell

Brigitte is not only a wonderful teacher, she is an incredibly warm person who makes her classes a real personal experience. Whether you’re bendy and flexible, or your body likes to hold on to tension, Brigitte always has a suggestion for alternatives which will maximise the benefits you gain from her class. Her passion for yoga shines through, and I always come out of her classes feeling amazing. Read more

Annabel Caulfield

Brigitte is one of those unique teachers who is always growing herself through practise, training and experience and manages to synthesise these facets into understandable practises and philosophy for her students. She is an inspirational teacher and writer, helping me push my personal boundaries. She has also helped me rebuild post various injuries and surgeries over the last few years, yet manages to keep the experience fun and challenging, hence the reason I always come back.
Her retreats are exceptional and the fact that she cares about you as a person too, shines through everything she does. I could not recommend Brigitte more highly. Read more

Valerie Bridges

Brigitte’s Yoga Retreats can be summed up in one word ‘Bliss’.  Everything is so well organised and there is a healthy mix of less experienced yogis, seasoned yogi’s and yoga teachers (there for their own holiday, not to teach). There is always just the right blend of yoga and recreation. I always return refreshed in both mind and body. That at least half of the yogis had been on Brigitte’s retreats many times previously says it all. Read more

Carol Rutherford

If you’re wondering whether to try this or not, I’d say (unreservedly, and from personal experience). Oh my good gosh, you have to experience this at least once in your life. Whether you’re starting out on your yoga journey and you’re scared it’s too advanced; or whether you’ve never experienced yoga nidra and meditation, and you’re wondering whether it’s a bit flippin’ weird; or whether the thought of gongs and meditation is just one step too far…just trust: it’s amazing. This is Brigitte’s special magic, and to experience all this just once in a lifetime, all in one day, is a truly special thing. It all takes place in a safe, warm, and comfortable environment, where you just open up somehow and have fun too, amongst like-minded people of differing abilities. And I only know this because I’ve been there time and time again…and every time I go I learn something new: about my body, my life, or my soul. Maybe you’re already an experienced yogi, so you can revel in Brigitte’s expertise in soulful vinyasa, perfect alignment, positive encouragement, and her magical exploration of comfortable limits – you will achieve much more than you expected you would, believe me. Either way, it’s one those things you’re more likely to regret not doing – life is too short not to. Namaste x

  Read more

Lorie Sutton

I started to practice yoga with Brigitte in 2008 and put simply, it has had a profoundly positive effect on my life to the extent that I am now a yoga teacher myself. If I am able to impart a tenth of the inspiration, hope and joy in my own students as she has in me, then I know that I’m on the right track. Read more

Kay Parker

Brigitte is not only a brilliant meditation and yoga teacher but an amazingly selfless and inspiring individual. She’s always learning more to pass on to her yogis. Whether at one of her yoga classes, meditation or the sublime restorative yoga, she takes great care of us all and you can’t fail to leave inspired and feeling a whole lot better than when you went in! Personally Brigitte has given me loads of free advice, particularly when I was seriously ill last year. Everyone should try her classes or retreats. You will wish you joined years ago! Read more

Carol Anne Rutherford

When I first went along to one of Brigitte’s classes I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was somewhat sceptical and not just a little apprehensive. However, Brigitte’s such a great tutor. She makes everything fall into place so effortlessly – helping even a real novice like me assume positions that I’d never ever dreamed of. At times I still can’t quite understand why I’d even want to. All I know is that, with Brigitte’s encouragement, I do (even if, I have to admit, its not always with the greatest of success). But it’s not the physical side of things that keeps me going back for more. Precisely what it is, I don’t yet really know. Maybe it’s to do with the feeling that with Brigitte’s help I’m finally learning to be at peace with myself and the world around me. The one thing I am certain about though is that from the moment I sit on my mat at the beginning of each session I feel privileged simply to be a part of it. Read more

Pete Wong