We have this! 🙌🏻
It’s been the beginning of a new ”busy’ chapter for many of us (post covid lockdowns) this past week – and these woods spoke to me today.
Keep reminding yourself of all the things you cherished when the world slowed down! Just like trees, we’re all a little broken and leaning in different directions right now. Dig deep, lean in but don’t fall. Continue to take time for you, meditate, take the time breathe mindfully, chat with friends, move, get blood and lymph flowing, go with the flow, let’s continue to support each other and shine our lights brightly as we lean in to this next chapter – we made it! 🙌🏻
We’ve lost, we’ve grieved, there’s been heartache, frustration and sadness for sure but we have also become more conscious as well and some of us also healthier and fitter. Best best of all though, we’ve delved deep and learnt so much about ourselves and what bodes well with us for our future.
My hope is that this experience will lead us all towards living our best possible lives from now on.
B xxx