It’s so easy right now when we’re all feeling so fed up of the UK lockdown to avoid our meditation practice. In fact most days I have found every excuse possible to avoid sitting in silence!
Yesterday though (after being inspired by a friend), I fought the resistance of my low self esteem and made myself sit for 30 minutes. Im not going to lie, it was difficult, but I persevered and tried to approach my practice with compassion for myself and the world right now! I sat with negative thoughts and feelings that surfaced – it was painful!
However, the longer I sat, the more my resistance dissolved and by the end, I started to feel more peaceful.
Some time afterwards, it was a though I had released a heavy burden, I felt lighter, happier, more motivated and less self absorbed.
And now here I am today inspired enough to encourage you to do the same if you are reading this.
As we continue to navigate our way through 2021 lockdown and beyond, I challenge you to invest in your own transformation too. Instead of finding every excuse not to practice, ask yourself ‘What do I stand to lose or gain?’
Know that your internal resistance holds less power than you think.
Approach your practice with kindness and curiosity, allow it to become a mirror of awareness that shows you the intricate working of your own mind. Watch your feelings and thoughts as they arise with non judgmental attention, so that you gain an intimate understanding of yourself. Ultimately this will begin to process whatever negativity is coming up for you right now.
Meditation unlocks personal energetic freedom and helps you to recognise your own self worth. It will also help you to understand the mental and physical patterns of your own personal human experience right now. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼
Love B xx