Awaking Shakti – lets make 2020 the year of Empowerment!
I’ve had much more time to practice yoga/ meditation as well as other forms of focussed activities this year. This isn’t something I just do for the sake of it, but it is something that undoes me. This has meant that 2020 has not only been a year of change, but also a year of transparency and real awaking for me.
Awakening Shakti has meant that I now feel empowered to live my life in a very different way and this has really made me feel more balanced in myself (more about this in my next blog). Shakti shows me the way if I offer no resistance – a lifetime of work by the way!😉.
Mythologically, the divine goddess of Shakti is always described as the feminine partner of the masculine god Shiva. She is the flow of the cosmos and is considered the source of all matter and all physical energy. She’s the life force that makes a river flow. She also powers your breath, makes your heart beat, and fires up your muscles so that you feel more alive.
In essence, yoga teaches that Shakti is the energy within everything, but there’s an aspect that remains hidden until it is awakened. She cultivates union of body, mind and spirit and consequently has the power to open up our consciousness.
Shakti is optimised in many forms such as nourishing food, sunshine, any form of focussed exercise, a positive mindset and how you relate to others, as well as the world around you. This can give you clarity and allow you to tune in to the truth of who you are – so that you realise your life visions and your priorities. It gives you insight, encourages spiritual growth and helps you to let go of trauma, ultimately facilitating contemplation, self-inquiry, empowerment and creative growth.
Sounds, touch, taste, feelings and especially sights are enhanced almost as though your body is exploding with emotion.
Embracing Shakti, means to have a deeper relationship with your intimate self. Shakti is innately intelligent, the more attuned you become to the flow of Shakti in your body and mind, the more you welcome her play within you and the more empowered you’ll become off the mat as well. She guides you, offers you wisdom and reveals herself as expressions of your essential self.
2020 has a lot to answer for, however most of us have worked out by now that having more and doing more is no longer a priority – BUT developing our awareness is!
The process of becoming conscious, is an ongoing quest that asks us to be more inquisitive, become more informed and to seek change on the deepest level. As more and more people step up into this change, the balance of consciousness is evolving.
The big question is, can we see and understand ourselves not just as members of families or belonging to some group or nation, but as members of the human race. In my opinion, we will not overcome this virus or save the planet unless we develop a collective consciousness as a species.
Next time you practice yoga/ meditation or another personal awareness activity, observe subtle physical or energetic sensations. These can be in the form of feelings of expansion, love, heat, or a sense of lightness. I often encourage my students to observe the sensations in Savasana (corpse pose) because it’s easier to notice subtle energy when you’re still and especially after a practice that has heightened your consciousness.
Shakti is the creative, transformational energy force that is within us all just waiting to be tapped in to.
This conscious empowerment then opens our minds. Perhaps then, we will may collectively lift ourselves as human beings, save other species and perhaps even save the planet itself.
“Through imagination, we tap into our highest human potential and encounter that which is more than human in us: that which is divine.”
Sally Kempton
B xx