Opening to Grace’ is a term often associated with yoga practice. It is a way of leading everything we do with the quality of an open-hearted attitude, infinite trust, belief, possibility, support and gratitude.
The willingness to receive what is already in the core of your being is the willingness to not run from your own longing, to discover right now within yourself the source of that longing. Then you will discover that the longing itself carries you to the core of yourself, where true peace and perfection are revealed as never separate from the truth of who you are.

In life, grace means honoring the inherent goodness that is in all of us, and also in everything around us. Opening to grace allows us to make life-affirming choices and to look for the good in all things, even moments that are veiled in sorrow or misfortune. 💕

We can often feel the pressure for January to be a time of setting new beginnings or powerful intentions but I like to you instead explore and invoke the beautiful qualities of ‘Grace’.

My practice then becomes an internal journey, beyond the physical experience of yoga, into the subtle movements of the body initiated by prana – life force. As I integrate expressive movement perfectly in time with my breath, the flow becomes effortless beauty, pure, free, more subtle, conscious and liberated – then you will tap into the source of Grace within you – mind, body and heart become one.

“Grace wakes us up when we are asleep, brings light to where there is darkness and removes obstacles from our path”. – Krishna Das