We held the space for a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing and replenishing yoga retreat in The Peak District in November 2019 which truly was food for the soul.

Our group stayed in the most gorgeous comfortable barn conversion with stunning views of The Hope Valley. We walked, we talked, we relaxed in the huge open plan lounge, we ate the most amazing nourishing, grounding food and we did some profoundly specialised, remedial yoga practices which offered transformation on all levels.

Holding space for yourself and others is the conscious act of being present, observing, listening, being open and allowing, which can be so difficult in our busy day to day lives when we are constantly on the go and doing!

For Rosemary and myself it was a real privilege to hold the space for such a lovely friendly group. Our true purpose and desire on these rejuvenating weekend retreats is to be able to impart our combined teaching experience as well as knowledge, and to support everyone in any way we can.

We are both fully committed and passionate about delivering innovative yoga teachings that really resonate on a deep level. Our joint intention being to offer a deeper understanding to each individual of their own personal body anatomy, the inner subtle body, the organ body and how it works, as well as to encourage the group to listen to their innermost feelings. Our wish is to intelligently guide, advise, inform, enlighten and increase consciousness through these profoundly healing practices.

Holding space is accepting others as they are, without judgement or any desire to change them, this gives others a priceless gift—the freedom to relax fully and be their true authentic selves. Therefore as teachers, we try to intuitively allow ourselves to hold awareness and be whatever the group needs us to be in that moment.

Huge thanks to everyone whom attended.

With love from Brigitte and Rosemary