Something that I’ve been working on throughout the whole of August is creating more space in my life for me!!

Sometimes life gets so busy there is no time for me…….

Space between thoughts, personal space, space in my physical body to allow prana to flow more freely and space for myself in the form of time.

When life becomes too full, it can be very easy to focus on the areas that we feel we are lacking in and space is a big one for most of us.

Space is always there. we just have to access it. When we are practicing on our mats its amazing how much we are able to move and open both body and mind.
With a regular yoga practice we actually don’t need much space to create space – because breath and movement are one of the quickest, easiest and most sustainable ways of feeling spaciousness not only in our bodies but also in our minds.

When we introduce a deeper state of awareness internally, we are able to see our lives with more clarity, which in turn offers a sense of spaciousness in all parts of our lives.