An evening of somatic therapy and yoga nidra

Focus on mobilizing and awakening the spine

Friday 25th October 2019

6.30 – 8.30pm

The Spine is our support structure, around which everything organises. Built in an intricate way, allowing for flexibility, adaptability and multiple movement pathways the Spine is a magical structure. This 2-hour masterclass is for those curious to delve deeper into the understanding of their spine and how it works and for those wishing to introduce new patterns of alignment for greater freedom of movement.

When our back muscles become habitually tight, they contribute to leg and hip joint pain. We unconsciously and habitually contract these muscles in our everyday life which in turn contributes to limited mobility, muscle and joint pain. In this masterclass you will learn Somatic Exercises and techniques that help to relax the back, waist, hips and legs and introduce new patterns of being in to the spinal muscles.

You can expect to integrate the upper body with the legs and hip joints for improved alignment in the pelvis and spine. The result will be a reversal of knee, back and hip pain, more fluid walking, running, flexibility, balance and coordination and generally greater ease of movement, flexibility, and pain relief from the head down to the pelvis!

This masterclass is particularly recommended to anyone who is recovering from an injury, or anyone who has “tried everything” for long term back and hip joint pain relief.  It is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. It is of special interest to runners, yoga practitioners, hikers, walkers, mothers with young children and anyone who is seated for a long time at work (desk workers, drivers, etc.).

Somatic awareness (movement therapy), is a deeply healing and profound practice that communicates with the outer layers of the body and then navigates deeply inward to the more subtle body. When we introduce new more organic movements, we can help to build a more refined ‘brain map’ because we give a different quality of attention toward the deeper layers of the body. This in turn relaxes the nervous system and builds new neural pathways, consequently offering new patterns of being to the body and mind.

During this class, you will be encouraged to explore and listen inwardly to the sheaths of connective tissue, circulation, muscle and bone in order to bring about greater wakefulness, luminosity and space within. Your body will experience the power and grace of gentle meditative movements, done lying either on your back, front or side (never standing), as it is important that we are not lifting upward against gravity, the body can then erase held patterns of resistance, both physical and psychological. This has a malleable effect on the body’s connective tissues and affects its electromagnetic pulse that is orientated to the earth’s centre.

These movements allow for the release of chronic muscular contraction and habitual conditioning of the body. The aim of this practice is to increase the flow of neurological current and to encourage greater wakefulness to the bones, muscles, tissues and organs. The more extensive the flow of information within the sensory motor system, the greater the range of motion in the body. Instead of using one’s will to achieve a release or an opening, these movements undermine the will, instead and facilitate teasing out releases and openings without force, outside of our conscious control.  These passive movements will  support the body’s innate autonomic nervous system, thus allowing the body to heal, self regulate and attune with blood, lymph and its natural biorhythms.

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