Feeling the love from my practice today. ❤️

I am a stronger, more positive, more open-minded, more stable as well as a much more content person now, compared to the me of 25 years ago. I no longer want someone else’s life or someone else’s ‘things’ because I’m too busy living mine to the full and I’m genuinely happy with my lot.
I’ve learnt to believe in myself and to trust that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Yoga and meditation have given me permission to listen to my inner most truth and to then follow through with my goals, visions and my dreams for my future.

Practicing yoga has the ability to alter your brain map and the way that you think, so that you see things from a different perspective. This ultimately means that yoga can positively lift you and change the way that you see yourself, others and the world around you.

You may think it takes years of dedicated practice before you start to see results, but that’s not the case at all. For me, my mindset began to shift within 3 months of starting regular yoga classes all those years ago. I gained clarity, I could see my life more clearly and realised that I didn’t have to stay in a situation that made me feel negative, unhappy and didn’t inspire me.

Research has shown that the ability to become more aware and the ability to be able to regulate your breath cycle is key in terms of lowering stress and becoming more grounded. Both of which are needed to alter pessimistic mood states so that you start to feel happier within yourself. Long-term yoga practice will therefore create long-term changes.

These days, I have a clear and exciting vision for my future and I believe in my own strength to carry through.

In a nutshell, yoga strengthens our brain-body connection. The integration of awareness, breath and movement can clear blockages and open energy lines within the body. The body then sends messages to the brain that rewire it, making it feel calm, peaceful, content, happy as well as strong, positive and re-inspired. 🙏🏼

Yoga is my passion, rock and inspiration and today I’m feeling so blessed that it’s also my job and that I’m able to share precious teachings and teacher training’s with others 🙏🏻

Love B