A patent to choreographing classes and sequencing towards an apex pose

Weekend CPD Teacher training workshop


Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2019

10am – 1pm

1pm – 2pm – Lunch

2 – 5pm

At Camyoga Studio, Mitcham’s Corner, Cambridge

The phrase, “one thing leads to another” can serve as a guiding principle for structuring every yoga class, all that is needed is to focus our attention on the fundamental concept of ‘vinyasa krama’.

This weekend module is for yoga teachers or yoga graduates whom would like to both simplify and enrich their approach towards creative sequencing, thus benefiting both their self-practice as well as their teaching skills.

Teaching fluent choreographed classes where the asanas are presented into a cleverly weaved arrangement, so that one posture flows effortlessly and safely in to the next is an art form and requires a great deal of understanding with regards to certain key principles. Sequencing requires skill, technique, accuracy and knowledge, so that whatever the style of yoga being taught, it becomes graceful, elegant and seamless. It also requires that you stay true to yourself, bringing your own individual sense of style, playfulness and personal charisma to each class that you teach.

Brigitte will explain and demonstrate which muscle groups must be warmed up first and which poses link well with other poses, as well as which asanas you should NEVER link together and why. You will ultimately learn how to enable students to strengthen and open specific areas of the physical body safely and progressively, in order to access the more complex apex poses.

We will also discuss the conversational language that you use when teaching, which will give you the finesse to be able to offer clear concise instructions to your class, whilst at the same time moving through the room and observing all at the same time. You will be encouraged to inquire how to create intelligent and innovative sequences for your classes and how to confidently choreograph an asana flow which will meet a myriad of modified needs, depending on the level and subject of your classes.

This teacher training workshop will equip you with all the tools, insights and understanding of sequencing towards improved organised class planning, so that you can develop invigorating, soft, dynamic, peaceful as well as fun, rocking and ultimately inspiring yoga classes.

Brigitte Riley training programmes and courses are approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Brigitte has been an established yoga teacher for 16 years and is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, which is the highest accolade in professional yoga teaching.

She is known for her in-depth knowledge and anatomy expertise with regards to correct body alignment and yoga for therapeutic healing. Brigitte also has a wealth of skill and experience in teaching fluid creative vinyasa as well as many other different styles of yoga. Her philosophy on life, authenticity, natural warmth and heartfelt approach radiates through in to her teachings and students are inspired by her ‘keeping it real’ wisdom.

Brigitte teaches weekly classes and private’s in Milton Keynes, as well as vocational yoga teacher training courses and mentoring for yoga teachers. She also teaches both workshops and yoga retreats nationally and internationally.