This photo speaks volumes, our last evening together in Bali and 36 very happy, healthy smiling faces literally glowing back at the camera.
Rosemary and I feel truly honoured to have held such a transformative space for all of these radiant beings. To be honest we have been feeling quite emotional and completely humbled by the beauty of what was created here. We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to this tribe, for travelling all the way to Bali after earthquake and volcano scares, thank you all for placing your trust in us and investing in this trip, our teachings and ‘yourselves’.

This Retreat actually started as a vague thought about 18 months ago, then a more creative idea that became a potent vision, a professional business partnership was formed and now our dream has shaped itself into reality. We are still pinching ourselves, as we worked so hard behind the scenes leading up to this trip, we wanted to make it special and to also add our own very personal touches to make it a little different to other yoga retreats. So far the positive feedback that we have received has been astounding and more than we could possibly have hoped for.
What a wonderful journey we all shared, there was such a positive vibe from day one and it just continued to get better the more connected that everyone became.
The nature of bountiful beautiful Bali inspired us all, from the Rainforest in Ubud to the peaceful Oceanside resort on the North of the Island. This group blossomed, evolved and bonded so very powerfully, we have cried, loved and laughed together and great friendships have been born and nurtured. Twice daily yoga also encouraged a deeper state of consciousness amongst the group, altering our outlook, changing our perspective and helping us to make clear choices about the way we live our lives. Consequently we all became more sensitive to each other and closer to nature which has given us a greater sense of purpose and grace.

Lastly, we have to give a big shout out to the men in our lives. We are so very grateful to the support of our husbands, we could not have held the space for this retreat with such strength and clarity without their daily input.

We are so proud that Brian played such a vital and important role in our team. This is the first time that he has ever taught yoga on a retreat and he stepped up into his role so effortlessly. He is an excellent teacher and focused on inspiring our beginners as well as students that prefer a slower pace to their yoga practice. His teaching has been amazing and we have received such brilliant feedback from all that attended his morning sessions.

Lastly but absolutely not least, a huge special thank you to Richard whom got up super early every morning and arrived early before our evening sessions to set the the studio up with mats and props and then cleared everything away again afterwards.

These two also helped with so much more behind the scenes, it goes without saying that they are our rocks and a vital part of our RBBR team.

Bali is just the beginning, we have a big international ‘bespoke’ retreat plans for the future. Watch this space…..

With so much love and gratitude