Yoga teaches us to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are because we are all worthy no matter what……..when we love ourselves, then confidence exudes from us and we become empowered women.

And that also means embracing being over 50 and ‘the menopause’. This is a subject that is little discussed, some women like to even pretend it’s not happening, some are embarrassed and yet we should all be standing proud at this stage in our lives. I hear so many women my age saying that they can’t cope with the symptoms of the menopause and that they miss their younger years. They say they’re going to age gracefully – that meaning they’re going to let go of their bikini, frayed shorts etc and cut their hair into a suitable older lady style. You get the picture, they’re either giving up or the opposite – trying too hard to stay looking young!

Well I urge all menopausal woman to instead embrace this beautiful liberating stage of our lives.

What’s there not to embrace? For most of us, our children have left home, We’re free to live our lives as fully as we want to and to make choices that are now all about us. Instead why not choose to love life right now. I have a fantastic circle of friends, I have worked hard and now have the freedom to travel to exotic countries around the world, I eat healthily (and sometimes unhealthily), I practice yoga, I walk in the woods daily, I have an exciting vision for my future and I still love to party occassionally!

Yes I’ve gained weight, yes I have a lot more wrinkles and lumpy bits since the menopause kicked in, yes I’m drying up (as my doctor so kindly put it), yes I ache more when I get up in the mornings and it takes me longer to recover from a night out – as well as many other menopausal symptoms – too many to mention. However, the difference between those of us that feel we should act our age and those of us that just see our age as a number is ‘acceptance’. It’s learning to love ourselves exactly as we are and to continue to dress and act in the way that we feel most comfortable.

Maturity means, I actually no longer care what other people think! I can do whatever I like and wear whatever I like. Of course I still have moments where I imagine what botox may look like and how it would be great to have an ‘everything lift’ or yearn for my young fitter body but my age means I am free like never before! I am a woman full of maturity, confidence and wisdom.

I stand proud at this next stage/ adventure of my life and I’m looking forward to the next chapter with zest and a completely new outlook . 😍

Love B xx