I have been studying yoga somatics for the past 3 years now and finally am feeling confident to share and teach workshops on the subject.

I teach on average about three 121 clients a day and this work has been profound for me in its capacity to realign, rebalance and heal the body.

Through somatic awareness we give a different quality of attention toward the deeper layers of the body which helps to build new neural pathways. This means that the body and mind relearn new patterns of being. This practice is best done lying either on our backs, fronts or sides (never standing), as it is important that we are not lifting upward against gravity. When we do not resist gravity, we begin to move patterns of resistance, both physical and psychological out of the body. When we allow gravity to move through us, we can begin to alter not only the body’s connective tissues, but affect our electromagnetic pulse that is orientated to the earth’s centre. Some of the movements are quite passive, meaning that you get to completely relax and just focus on what you’re feeling. Other movements are active but graceful, slow and fluid like, they require a great deal of mental focus. These malleable active movements allow for the release of chronic muscular contraction and habitual conditioning of the body, therefore the body starts to relearn natural more efficient movement patterns.

One of the aims of this practice is to increase the flow of neurological current thus encouraging greater wakefulness to the bones, muscles, tissues and organs. The more extensive the flow of information within the sensory motor system, the greater the range of motion in the body. Instead of using one’s will to achieve a release or an opening, this work teases out releases and openings without force. Facilitating movements out of our conscious control activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

This process requires sensitivity in order to bring about greater wakefulness and space within. Somatics supports the body’s innate autonomic nervous system so it can heal, self regulate and attune with blood, lymph and its natural biorhythms.


Release and reverses neuromuscular pain – chronic and acute
Improved posture
Long term pain relief from numerous common conditions including neck, shoulder, back and hip pain
Improve posture, flexibility, coordination and balance
Improve mobility, stability and strength
Increased mindfulness and self awareness
Ease of breathing
Relaxation, stress relief and improved sleep
Increased awareness of your stress triggers and the means to relieve stress
Improve physical fitness and athletic ability
Create a new freedom of movement
Life long skills that teach you how to regain voluntary control of habitually tight muscles
A safe, easy and common sense alternative to drugs and surgery

For me, this yoga method has not only healed an intense ongoing shoulder injury (I was told that I needed surgery) but it has also helped to rebalance and free my Sacrioliic joint where I have slight scoliosis and arthritus in its early stages.

If you are interested in booking in for a private 121 for any personal body issues or misalignments that you are struggling with, please do get in touch.

Love B xx