You’ll know the people that feed your soul because you feel good after spending time with them. Ive just spent another wonderful weekend in Norfolk co teaching a retreat with my lovely friend and partner Rosemary Booker and yet another beautiful group of yogis.

Our teachings were so well received, we taught some beautiful yoga practices that all focussed on one central theme – ‘infinite potential’ .
Infinite potential is within each and every one of us, when we can take the time to relax, become more conscious, introspective and intimate with ourselves, we see more clearly, we receive clarity. It is then that we feel, believe and expand into our finite form. Through mindfulness practices, we can choose to let go and feel at peace with ourselves, that finite form then starts to become more infinite and takes the shape of our passions, desires and dreams. When we start to believe in what we really are capable of, there is no more being small and stuck in our programmed minds because the infinite always visualises a much bigger picture.

Your infinite potential is not some daunting thing you have to become. It’s the you that already exists underneath the clutter and busy-ness of your everyday life. The only limitations are those that you have put upon yourself, don’t ever let self doubt hold you captive, you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Huge gratitude to all whom have attended retreats with myself and Rosemary this year and last, we are loving our partnership and are both so looking forward to co-teaching again in Bali this October.
Then who knows where our combined infinite potential will take us? We have big retreat dreams, visions and plans so watch this space…..


Love B xx  .