I wrote this piece about partnership and love to read at my brother’s wedding recently. It was really well received amongst the guests, so I thought It’d be nice to share on here. I’ve obviously taken out the names and a few other sentences that were personal. Enjoy….

Every person on this earth desires to love, to be loved and to know love, it is human nature.

Love is the fundamental energy of the human spirit, it is the fuel on which we run and it is the wellspring of our vitality.

Love is about sharing a very deep intimacy with each other, it is finding the hidden places in your partner even the ones that they didn’t know were there.
Love is never about walking away and shutting the other out.
It is learning the art of really listening to each other.
Love is about always talking absolutely ‘everything’ through.
It is about letting go of needing to be right, it’s being able to forgive easily and not stay angry with each other.
Love is not expecting or controlling.
Love is not ‘needing love or demanding to be loved back.
It is cultivating flexibility, patience and understanding.
It is not looking for perfection in each other but accepting each other exactly as you are – faults and all. Love is always about compromise.
Love is about being able to offer love freely to each other without being asked.
Love is about making time for each other all of the time.
It is finding the time to do things together, it is about having new adventures and sharing fun times.
Love is being able to laugh out loud together often.
It is getting excited and motivated by the same things
Love is about mutual respect and loving each other as equals. It’s about always standing together and supporting each other in the face of adversity.
It is encouraging each other to evolve and grow independently as well as together.
Love is about having a mutual sense of values, goals, visions and dreams for the future.
Love is forming a circle of love and intimacy that encompasses the whole family.
It is about sharing the same mutual family principles and values.
Love is doing things for each other, not because you have to but because you want to.
It’s about never taking each other for granted.
It is about showing gratitude in thoughtful ways without being asked.Love is never being too old to hold hands and look into each other’s eyes.
Love is two best friends.