This is my core philosophy on life – live, laugh and love 💕 always.

Just back from a wonderful trip to India, as always we embraced it all, the culture, the food, the locals, new friendships, festivals and the whole Indian way of life. I’m now full to the brim with inspiration and creativity.

When you can live your life to the full, with purpose and heartfelt meaning, you attract the same back.We only get one go at this life, so make sure you live it in a way that inspires both yourself and others and make sure you’re doing things that you love on a daily basis. 😍

Laughter is born in you, smiling and laughing offers your lightness of mind. When you can laugh out loud, you can push away fear and it warms your soul. Life does not always have to be serious. Laughter is the main ingredient to having an open kind and positive outlook, it is also so healing. 😂

Life is perfected by practicing love and compassion to ourselves as well as all sentient beings. Love takes us beyond our separate selves, when we truly feel love – we will always be content and at peace with ourselves. 💖

So over the past 3 weeks in India, I have been feeding my soul, I have lived fully, laughed daily and rested lots, so am feeling the love so much right now.

With Love

B xxx