‘Vinyasa’ – to link and flow movement with breath.

This intimate communion between mind, body and breath offers each of us The opportunity to come back to our own unique, rhythm and harmony. The breath linked with effortless flowing aligned movement cultivates a mindful connection to our hearts and ultimately to love When we integrate our bodies (bones, muscles, fascia) with our breath – in aligned, comfortable positions on our mats, this can also line up our minds, so we are actually learning how to consciously navigate our lives in the same way off the mat. The decisions we make, the thoughts we hold, the company we keep, the actions we take, and the words that we speak are all a reflection of the things we choose to align ourselves with.

Each time we roll out our mat, we know we are developing a higher state of conscious, this means we are making conscious choices about the way we align our bodies, strengthen our minds, deepen our breath, and open our hearts to receiving and giving to others. We are constantly developing our awareness, inquiring, exploring and feeling for the optimal alignment to serve our bodies, minds, and souls. This can become a metaphor for the decisions we make outside of the yoga studio.

We are, poets, painters, authors, artists and deliberate creators of our own destiny. Vinyasa is to be the most poetic, articulate, perfectly placed expression of yourself both on your mat and in your life ❤️‍♀️❤️.

Love B xxx