1. Give yourself some ‘me’ time every day. Do something that’s about ‘you’

2. It’s ok to slow down. Conserve your yang energy and invest in restoring energy reserves by practicing more Yin or Restorative Yoga.

3. Eat more moist, warming and grounding foods such as soups, slow cooks and roasted root seasonal vegetables.

4. Meditate daily, observing your breath automatically gives it a slower rhythm which in itself is healing. Self reflection means we pay more attention to our negative and positive thoughts. This in turn gives us clarity and the wisdom to evolve and open up our mind to abundant possibility.

5. Rest and sleep more. At this time of year our bodies naturally need more time to rest as their is less sunlight, therefore less energy. Rest and sleep keep our mind and body in balance and maintain a healthy endocrine system as well as immunity from winter illnesses and bugs.

6. Walk outside in fresh air daily. Wrap up warm, go outside and walk in nature, this more gentle form of exercise is great to keep your body and joints moving in the winter. Walking in nature also has an amazing effect on lifting your mood and reducing your stress levels especially if you’re feeling sluggish or uninspired. Daylight and fresh air are food for the soul.

7. Lastly stay hydrated. In the winter months, it’s natural not to feel as thirsty but it’s still essential to keep hydrated to boost immunity. Try to drink warm herbal teas or hot water with ginger and lemon which is detoxing and great for the digestive system.

8. This one is just for me! I must practice what I preach 😉🙏🏼😌🙏🏼

Love B xxx