Never underestimate the power of yoga and mindfulness, because the love that we uncover through them is such a beautiful gift that we can offer out to the world;

I was inspired to write this after a beautiful silent walk in the woods yesterday, closely followed by a deep soulful meditation in my cabin.

💕💖💕 L O V E 💕💖💕

Love gets me through the bad times

Love is a drug

Love is healing

Love is taking one day at a time

Love is what drives away negativity and hate in the world.

Love brings people from all walks of life together.

Love is sometimes complicated

Love is exhilarating

Love is kindness

Love is acceptance

Love is all encompassing

Love is not judging another

Love is friendships

Love is patient

Love is simple

Love is all we need

Love is a celebration of life

Love is unconditional

Love is a state of mind

Love is beyond logic

Love is a force of nature

Love is a feeling

Love is freedom

Love is staying present

Love is conscious awareness

Love is forever

Love is everything

We are all one love

Love is love

💕 💖💕

Love B xxx