Yoga has taught me that the willingness to grow comes from growth itself!

None of us are where we were 5 years ago and probably most of us are aware of how are lives have changed and how our needs have also changed.

The past 3 years have been a huge growth period for me. After years and years of giving, holding the space for others, sharing my passion, offering warmth, consistency, compassion, help and love, I’ve finally learnt to also hold space and look after myself. I’ve learnt to rest, take holidays, have regular massages, go on yoga retreats as a student and attend trainings just for myself not necessarily to share with others. I’ve learnt to let go, to take my own advice, to ask for help when I need it and to actually show up with love for myself when I am in need of nurturing. I’ve also especially made sure that I take time out to spend precious time with my loved ones and the special people in my life.

Giving back to myself has actually really enhanced my work more, now I can be a clearer and more authentic channel for those that I serve. Everything that flows into me also flows freely from me in to others, if I feel peaceful, healed, healthy and vibrant then that also touches others.

My mission and my passion is to serve more well being and to light up bodies, minds and community to a deeper sense of consciousness!
I am blessed to have the experience and knowledge to now regularly teach workshops, retreats in amazing places as well as teacher trainings and I really love that part of my work.

BUT what really rocks my boat, is my local grass roots community and my weekly yoga classes, these friendly souls are my tribe. I have lifted these people up when they have been down and they have equally given me the same support when I have needed it over the years. Together we have journeyed together, my classes have deepened our awareness of ourselves and the world that we live in, we get it and we get each other. It is my regular loyal students and these classes that have sparked my fire and given me the grace and confidence to expand and live the life that I now live and for that I am so grateful.

We have all been willing participants in ‘growth’.

Love B xxx