All ‘beings’ need support and intimacy.
Feeling supported by my family, friends and colleagues means that the peace and love inside of me can grow. It means that when I doubt myself or others, I have the support in accepting things that I have a hard time swallowing and at the same time I am gently reminded not to give my power away.
With support, we can love easily, be reminded to let go and move forwards from pain or hurt, forgive deeply and be comfortable with uncertainty. Support will take us to the places inside of us that need nourishing, nurturing.

To get support, first of all, we have to learn how to become more intimate both with ourselves and others.

Yoga is ‘intimacy’ and ‘support’ because we are learning to be more open not only in our bodies but in our minds.

To be intuitively in sink with someone is to be intimately connected. This means there has to be a softening, sensitising, a peeling back of layers and a gradual revealing of our most vulnerable selves. Being intimate is allowing your heart to be naked, raw and exposed, no holding back with each other. To be intimate with another is to communicate exactly what we are feeling at any given time.
Intimacy means there is no control or ego in all friendships and relationships – just love, compassion and respect 💜

Love B xxx