Ok – so it’s not perfect but it’s been a very long time since I last visited grasshopper pose! My (post injury) left shoulder almost held up and I’m there – just! We all face challenges on our mats that we must overcome during the progression of our practice whether it’s a difficult pose, lack of flexibility, lack of strength or even injury, but we can also welcome those challenges with open arms, embracing the opportunity to grow.

I’ve just started teaching an intermediate\advanced asana master class once a month on Friday evenings and it’s been received so well by our yoga community here in Milton Keynes. It was an absolute privilege to teach yogis that are so aware and practiced.

Learning new poses and advancing our practice teaches us so much about how we cope with life off of our yoga mats. It teaches us to align our bones and muscles in a way that feels comfortable, to be open, to be aware, to take chances, to be playful, to not mind when we fail, to accept ourselves exactly where we are, to trust, to be curious, to laugh at ourselves and of course we learn to let go of our ego, be humble and most of all to be at peace with ourselves.

The most beautiful thing of all is that after a practice of integrating breath perfectly with with movement, the body is at a place where it can let go of tension and be still, as a consequence the mind follows and what ensues is pure grace. 💕🙏🏻💕 .

Love B xx 💜