From tadasana to shavasana and beyond, I am truly proud and honoured to have held the space for this fun loving, eclectic and quite frankly hilarious bunch of yogis, (aged from 23 – 60) over the past week.

We laughed until we cried and we loved with all of our hearts which was truly healing for our souls and became more and more contagious as the week went on. All I did was facilitate the space and teach passionately and intuitively from my heart, then the beauty that unfolded was absolutely stunning to witness

I’m so grateful to every single one of them all for being so open to learning, to making new friendships, their generosity, and their free spirits. I had 7 days to teach them as much as I could about yoga and how to navigate their lives with more grace and skill, however what these yogis taught me was also so inspiring. Don’t ever let anything hold you back from experiencing the fullness of life, we had so much fun and shared so many playful as well as memorable moments last week, far too many to mention.

I am just so grateful to the universe for perfectly placing this wonderful group of people together for this particular week, quite frankly, the timing couldn’t have been better. And as I continue walk this path of yoga teaching, it has also been such a great reminder that when we give and receive love, we can impact the world, there is such happiness, freedom and fulfilment in serving others.

This group proved to me that we are so much more powerful than we realise, don’t ever be afraid to show who you really are. Stand out from the crowd, be proud, be different, show your true colours, be wild, be bold, show your exquisite light and unique talents, don’t pretend to be anything else, just shine brighter, be the true you and build relationships where you feel you belong. Your vibes will be higher, your hearts will be happy and you will attract the same right back.

Right now, the world needs more explorers so we can focus on what’s good and positive to raise our collective vibration. So instead of dwelling on the bad stuff, be the best version of yourself, be kind, help others, lift others, count your blessings and always choose love. Your wellbeing, blissfulness and ecstasy are contagious ❤️