If there is one thing yoga has taught me, it is that life is not static – it is a continuous ebb and flow. Sometimes we’re high and ecstatically happy then sometimes we’re low and feeling sad, as well of all of the feelings in between. However through all of this, life still continues to flow and go on around us. The question is, do we stay still or stuck or can we flow with it?

As I continue to learn, grow and experience the full spectrum of life, I like to remind myself every now and then, that my yoga on the mat as well as off the mat will also continue to flow and evolve.

The energy of any given day can be a big influence on this, whether that energy comes from the beautiful fullness of the moon, a raging storm or a personal situation going on in my life. Yoga has taught me to use that energy to my advantage in order to maintain some kind of personal sacred rhythm and steadiness to my body and mind.

It’s so important to remember that we when we step on to our mats, we are not just practicing for the sake of practicing. Our normal view of who we are can be limiting and based on present or past unresolved traumatic experiences, current experiences and maybe a limited mindset.

To enhance our state of minds through yoga, we have to be mindful, we need to be aware of all of the many different shifts of energy within ourselves. Literally shifting from who we think we are, to who we really are and how we’re really feeling on any given day. To do this we need to connect to something much bigger and soulful so that we can rewire our neural pathways as well as find a new perspective towards processing stuff which will eventually lead to freedom and perhaps carry us towards a new healing embodied version of ourselves.

Therefore, when we practice yoga, it’s so important to be honest and authentic with ourselves. I always start by sitting and centering on my breath. When I breathe into myself, I immediately feel that sacred connection with the energy of myself, I notice my own vibration, I notice where my energy is residing and whatever else is coming up for me. I then try to shift my awareness to my heart, acknowledging it and remembering that I’m here on my mat to honour myself exactly where I’m at.
When I am ready to begin my asana practice, I again remember, there is no agenda, I’m just here because I’m here. I just allow, I don’t push, I’m open, I’m flowing, I’m still, I’m listening, I’m loving myself and I’m riding on grace to carry me back home to myself.

Eventually, I’m no longer stuck, I am back riding the continuous ebb and flow that is life 💕

B xx