This hollow back handstand allows me to isolate my upper chest, protect and contain my lower back, and feel what it’s like to keep open and move forward. It’s a fantastic feeling! .
I’ve been practicing inversions and just hanging out upside down this morning. This not only feels amazing but also really opens up the chest cavity so that the lungs, diaphragm and heart feel so expansive. .

In yoga we say you’re only as old as your spine. In other words, as long as you have a healthy and flexible spine, your participation in life is endless. The spine is your vitality; it houses all the nerves that keep your muscles and organs functioning optimally. For the spine and joints, gravity is not always our friend because over time it causes wear and tear, even loss of height, osteoarthritis in the joints, then consequently less mobility. Therefore when we can open the spine in every direction without compression, in other words in a state of traction, this can do the complete opposite and release compression in the vertebrae. So hanging upside down is actually a very cool thing to do .

Its much easier than it looks but does require being able to kick up to handstand (so you may need to practice that first);
set hands back some distance from the wall, depending on how open your shoulders and chest are.
Kick up to handstand letting your feet find the wall.
Then bring your legs and feet together and let your thighs slide down the wall and press them firmly against it to stabilise and protect lower back.
Keep shoulders stacked over wrists. .
let your head be in neutral, I prefer it just hanging, then there is no stress in the neck.
puff chest forwards
smile, it feels great.

Next the work is try away from the wall and work more powerfully with your core – I’m still working on that

B xxx