This is dedicated to all friends and yoga students that have told me this year; that they feel under too much pressure to behave or look a certain way, feel drained, feel ashamed, feel inadequate, not good enough, low self esteem, unfulfilled, unworthy, not respected, don’t believe in themselves, fearful of rejection, the need to compete, the need to defend yourself, the feeling of being judged, suppressed, the need to be loved – and the list goes on……

Believe that you are ‘enough’

This has been my mantra this year, to believe in myself and to know that I am enough, its been a tough one but it’s finally beginning to sink in, especially as the universe has offered me such synchronicity. I have recently studied with my 2 favourite teachers, Tias Little and Elena Brower, both of whom have threaded this very same message and quality in to their teachings this year, thus inspiring and reaffirming it even more fully in to my body, mind and spirit.

Real inner beauty is simply a natural expression of knowing as well as believing that you are enough. Enough in your job, your relationships, when you look in the mirror at your face and your body, when your tired or stressed, knowing that you are more than worthy of being loved and taken care of both by yourself and others. You are enough means that you can forgive yourself, let yourself off the hook for making mistakes, you don’t have to strive to become more valid, more acceptable, or more loved because you already are all of those things.

There are things you might want to work at, perhaps to become more open, more authentic, more free, more honourable, more purposeful, more loving and maybe more empowering, etc. However these are all expressions of your enough-ness. They aren’t about changing yourself, they’re about being yourself.

We are all born with the capacity to express our inner beauty and enough-ness, but more often than not, we start to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves based on what society, our loved ones, friends and colleagues define as being good enough. We are all guilty too, of being influenced by the world around us which constantly challenges our state of mind, clouding the way that we see ourselves. Especially when we are feeling out of sorts or out of balance, perhaps if we are busy, tired, uninspired, stuck in routine, emotional or generally feeling disturbed by different situations going on in our lives, these are the times that we question ourselves and start to feel inadequate and not good enough.

Mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation can be our saving grace, because when you feel at peace and at ease on the inside, you are able override the thinking mind which constantly analyses. Over time, you start to realise your inner potential and feel good about yourself again. When we feel in balance, through mindfulness, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle, we can allow our barriers to drop, become vulnerable, freer and more open, enhancing the natural emergence of our true selves and an inner beauty. When we awaken in this way, we let go of feeling deflated as well as the need to cover up or defend, and instead own all of ourselves and accept our so called flaws and idiosyncrasies. When we find ourselves, it’s empowering.

Last year and even more so this year, I have learnt the art of empowering my inner beauty and it’s really quite simple. It’s about looking after yourself and not feeling guilty to give yourself the gift of love and ‘me time’ Here’s what I try to do;

Walk in nature most days – it lifts my spirit.
Play, socialise, hang out with my friends, laugh and have fun.
Dance, sing or listen to music, it elevates and enlivens my mood.
Keep myself inspired by reading, doing trainings or deep philosophy talks with my yogi friends when I can.
Eat nutritious healthy food.
A yoga practice that serves my body, it may be soft and restorative or flowing and expressive or simply 10 minutes in shavasana, depending on what I need.
Regular massage/ acupuncture/ Reiki/ Hot stone (if I’m broke, I swap yoga lessons with therapy)
Get a good nights sleep

So you get the gist, it’s about living a balanced lifestyle and having the courage to look after you, be more authentic and true to yourself by giving yourself permission to do more of the things that you love, whatever rocks your boat. You have to be strong and make some serious changes when you need to and absolutely no guilt, because you are worth it, you are investing in your own personal fulfilment of life. You’ll start to love yourself again and when you love yourself, that is reflected out in to the world and many others will love all that you are too.
And the great thing is, that over time, you will start to feel yourself becoming more compassionate and understanding towards others because you are able to give freely to others what you have given to yourself.

So my message to you is to forgive yourself for the past you’re ashamed of, the times you could have done better, for the moments your not proud of, don’t be hard on yourself and do expect too much from yourself, let go of the constant negative self talk. Let go of all of that.

Instead commit to yourself, take care of yourself, fall back in love with yourself, find balance and patience, find your voice, don’t try and hide or fit in, give yourself permission to accept yourself fully and believe that you have infinite power. You were enough before, you are enough now, and you will continue to be enough as you become more of who you were made to be and reflect that back out in to the world.

I dare you to go look in the mirror, look deep in to your own eyes and tell yourself;
I forgive you,
I love the way you think,
I love the way you act
I love this body,
I am proud of the person you’ve become,
I love you 💖

You are enough 😌

Love B Xx