Hello koudinyasana ll – I’m back, aged 50 and menopausal!! Aha!!

Spring is finally upon us, somehow I feel like I’ve woken up from a long sleep and am aligning with a renewed energy this week. Night and day is even and I feel that Im no longer swimming against the current, instead I’m being carried by it….and guess what – my shoulder is finally getting stronger too.

I can’t quite believe this is me in this pose again, in fact I was so excited that my shoulder was strong enough to hold this, that I fell out of it too early in absolute amazement. It’s been over 18 months of rest, patience, perseverance, relearning and lots of physio since I injured my left shoulder with a tear to my rotator cuff and impingment of my infraspinatus muscle. It’s been a long journey of rehabilitation, regular massages, sleeping with pillows, restorative and therapeutic yoga, honouring where my body is and being ok with that, boring exercises, realigning and building up strength again slowly, slowly, slowly. I’m chuffed to bits that I can finally start introducing arm balances back in to my practice again. I hope that this can be inspiration to anyone else out there nursing shoulder injuries especially if you’re a woman in your 40’s or over, as the joints, tendons and muscles can take a long time to repair with reduced oestrogen levels. Look after yourselves and choose to be healthy, ‘self care’ wins every time. 😊💖😊

When you remind yourself to surrender to ‘what is’ your life feels aligned and you feel aligned again, not only that but the universe keeps on providing.

Love B xxx