‘Practice your yoga in a way that supports movement into stillness, compassion, and complete conservation of your body.’ Tias Little

Just back from a 5 day training course all about the subtle body with Tia’s little. These precious and very inspiring teachings are exactly what I need in my life right now and exactly where I am in my own body right now too.

Subtle body training is all about really deep intimate inquiry and practicing yoga with humility, mindfully, slowly, carefully and even simply. Offer support to your body, wake up it’s own innate intelligence, constantly explore, investigate and listen to it.  Honour it by not pushing, forcing or propelling it into an extreme pose that it doesn’t like or is not ready for yet…..

As I get older, I’m in the game of conserving prana (energy) rather than burning it – effortless effort is the way forward…..

B xx