Dear fellow yogi’s,

I would like to thank all of you dedicated students for your open heartedness, sincerity and for making our yoga sessions such a pleasure for me to teach once again this year. Whether you have supported me here on my face book page, at a regular class that I teach, on one of my retreats, at one of my workshops/masterclasses or a private one to one, each and every one of you has moulded me in to the present teacher that I am right now today, without you I couldn’t serve up what I do. You are the best teachers of all, without your unique bodies, feelings, thoughts, enthusiasm, loyalty and intentions, I cannot learn, evolve and grow in to a more refined teacher each year.

This year, the world has seen so much fear with regards to our future which has resulted in inflated egos, materialism, obsession, greed, selfishness, disrespect and complete disregard for our fellow human beings. It has been utterly shocking! But it has also shown us that now more than ever that we need to learn from this miscommunication with each other, maybe this break up of unity was really needed in order for us to come back together with even more solidarity, I sincerely hope so. We need to share what we have learnt from yoga and meditation, both of which can be transformational in to spreading a little bit more peace, balance, care, love, understanding, compassion and gratefulness in to the lives of others and to this beautiful planet that we all live on together. Let’s reunite, be the change we want to see and try our very best to bring more harmony in to the lives of everyone we meet over this holiday season. 🙏🏻

Wishing you all love and light for a very happy, healthy, stress-free, restful and peaceful Christmas and New Year.🎄

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Keep spreading the ‘lurve’ B xxx 💖🙏🏻