So tomorrow – Wednesday 21st December,  Winter Solstice is finally upon us and to celebrate this, I’m so looking forward to holding space for my yoga students to feel both grounded, peaceful and lifted, Im teaching 2 very special meaningful and soulful solstice classes, one tonight and another tomorrow night.  Winter Solstice comes at the middle of winter and marks the longest night and shortest day and Solstice celebrations are believed to go back 30,000 years. It is a time of the year to celebrate the return of the sun by naming our dreams and visions which will grow with the increasing light.

At this time of the year, there is a sense of everything standing still and drawing inwards, but the solstice means that we are can begin to come out of hibernation and the way is now open for the rebirth of our active selves. As we look forward to the return of light, we can celebrate the presence of spirit and the power of outward growth, faith and hope. Celebrating means creating a space to cultivate our future visions that may come in to manifestation.

Let go of what has gone and ask yourself what has been important to you over the last year, what have you learned?

Also what is it that you have been incubating during this dark dormant part of the year?

Then surrender to your dreaming, reflect and celebrate the dark where your inner life has been nurtured, because out of the darkness, new growth will eventually emerge as well as inspiration and ideas for the future.

Have an affirmation – What dreams do you carry inside? What are you envisioning or hoping for?”

Another lovely thing to do at Winter Solstice is to create a ritual, my favourite is to not use any electrical light for the entire day and when darkness arrives, welcome it by lighting Solstice lanterns and candles.

Its also a nice idea to share this ritual with your friends or family;

Place one unlit candle on the table with other candles around it, then turn off all the lights and spend a moment in darkness, remembering and reflecting the dark times from your year and perhaps how they have helped you to evolve and then honour the suns light by one by one lighting a lantern or candle. Once all candles are lit, a Happy Solstice blessing that has meaning to you all can be offered in unison.

NB Did you know that many traditions that we associate with Christmas such as Christmas trees, presents and Christmas wreaths actually come from the ancient celebrations of winter solstice, also known as Yule Tide.  Let’s lift our spirit higher on this dark winter night, knowing that all over our planet people will be joining you in spirit and doing the same.

Wishing you all a warm and peaceful 2016 Solstice and Yule Tide with blessings in abundance for the extension of sun light in the coming weeks.

Love Brigitte xxx