Just back from a very inspiring 5 day yoga intensive with Rod Stryker. The teachings were extremely profound and will take me a while to process. We delved deep in to the subconscious and conscious mind – not so much through asana but much deeper mudra work, pranayama, mantra and long empowering meditations.

My favourite teaching of the week from Rod was this;
“Fear and negativity are born of misunderstanding our own reality. Only when we can alter our perception and see beyond our own reality can we become fearless. Through these practices, we can refine the mind, body and nervous system, so that we can see see what is real and also become less fearful of it.”

One exercise we practiced to get clarity on this was to meditate (preferably without blinking) for 30 minutes staring at a piece of white A4 paper with a black dot on the middle. Afterwards everyone’s reality of the dot was different colours, movement, patterns and light. Basically the dot became energy. However what we learnt was that the dot was simply a dot and that our own minds energy and perception had altered that. It was simply an illusion that we saw – in other words – our own minds reality!
More empowering writings and teachings coming soon! 🙏🏻☺️🕉