So here I am still lazing around being a beach bum in Morocco lying on my sun bed, listening to the sound of the waves crashing, watching camels walking along the beach, counting my blessings and smiling – still high post yoga retreat feeling so very grateful to do what I do.

Spending time connecting with some very lovely special people (once again) last week has really warmed my soul to the core. After teaching a yoga holiday, I’m always inspired and also always feel compelled to write about it afterwards.

Life is so damn good when you have sand to walk in, salt water to wash in, hammocks to lie in, practice yoga daily as well as having the right people around you to converse with and make you laugh out loud every day. It’s quite a simple recipe really, spending time becoming more aware with like minded people heals and promotes feelings of contentment and peace and that is what we reflect back in to the world when we get back home to our real lives.

My outlook and end goal of a yoga retreat has shifted so much over 13 years of teaching them. It is no longer just about dynamic yoga and advancing our poses. I have come to realise that more isn’t always better and that often actually less can be a much bigger celebration sometimes. I do not feel the need to be defined by my yoga teacher status or how advanced my own practice is anymore and I really don’t want to be more than my students. Don’t get me wrong, I want to advance, encourage and inspire my students but not just in their performance of asana. I also recognise that I am the same as them, after all underneath our armour we are not separate, we are all vulnerable humble human beings walking the same path, trying to evolve through self love, insight and wisdom.

These days my yoga holidays are more about how we can lighten up and become more expressive in a vinyasa class, or how we can listen inwardly and learn about ourselves from meditation. It can be just as challenging to learn how to completely let go and relax in restorative yoga or communicate and become more intimate with others through partner or acro yoga. I promote laughing and having fun with back bends and inversions but also how to become more conscious and aware of intensity when the going gets tough in a yin class. All of this combined helps us to navigate our way in this world more skilfully and joyfully and that is yoga in my book.

Ultimately yoga nurtures us and teaches us to delve even deeper than the pose and to peel back our outer layers, to become more aware of our fears, lack of confidence, or other negative personality traits so that we can eventually heal our so called shame, clear emotional debris and perhaps free repressed emotions, thought or behaviours patterns.

A yoga holiday gives us complete permission to go slow, let go, expand our lives, explore all possibilities, appreciate each moment and realise our complete worthiness and magnificence so that we can contribute with more purpose and meaning to this often harsh demanding world that we live in.

Some days are easy days, yoga retreats and sunshine and some days are storms and heartache but every day is a blessing and the road to feeling better is not always the road that leads to more but the road that teaches us that what we create is what we become and what we give out is what we get back.

Love and friendship always wins in my book. ❤️

Love B xxx