I can hardly believe that we are already well in to September and still basking in beautiful blue sky’s and hot sunny weather. For me this summer has been an amazing happy whirlwind one to remember, especially as I had a milestone half century birthday!
After teaching a lovely retreat on the island of La Gomera in June, I kind of gave myself a summer sabbatical of sorts, I literally more than halved my weekly teaching schedule and slowed the pace right down.
For most of July and August, I have chilled, pottered around the garden read books, been for long summer walks in the woods, met friends for coffee, been a lady that does lunch, I’ve been to concerts and mini festivals. I also had the most superb 50th birthday celebrations, as well as an awful lot of eating, drinking and catching up with friends at various social gatherings. My summer break then culminated with a romantic birthday trip to Barcelona curtesy of my lovely husband. I have to say this summer couldn’t have been more different to last summer if it tried!

I am therefore now absolutely filled with gratitude and feeling very blessed to have spent time with so many wonderful friends old and new, many of whom I have met through yoga. However, now my beautifully imperfect flawed self is so ready to step back in to my power and re- emerge back in to a dedicated yogi.
I love how the energy of life swirls, twirls, tumbles and turns. It doesn’t move in straight lines and it’s rarely predictable, it’s vibrancy pulsates with rhythmic waves and Im about to ride a new wave right now as Autumn beckons.
After these wonderful full 2 months of happiness, I feel refreshed, full to the brim of receiving, inspired and really ready to give right back through the gift of Autumn yoga offerings.

I love this time of the year, the sun is dropping in the sky, the evenings are a little cooler, nature is shedding and we are shedding as we bring ourselves back to routine. Although we are still experiencing warm days, there is also a cool Vata roughness in the air expressed by flurries and light movement. These qualities may make us feel a little imbalanced, so to combat them, there are many things that we can do as the seasons begin to change. Try starting your day with a large glass of warm water with a slice of lemon to cleanse, hydrate and warm you on the inside, as well as encouraging elimination. Another thing to work into your diet at this time of year are seasonal root vegetables which I for one love. Their inherent earthiness can be really grounding. A final suggestion from the Ayurvedic tradition is to start to use warming spices in your dishes. Spices like ginger, cinnamon, garlic, pepper, cumin, and turmeric serve to not only make things more tasty, but they can also help warm and ease the digestive system – yum.

Lastly of course our yoga practice can also bring us back in to balance. My Autumn yoga timetable is back at full capacity again and I’m really feeling re- motivated ready for a new term of all things yoga. I have also set myself an intention to have a much more dedicated inversion practice too – so beware!

Here is a little insight in to my yoga calendar events for the next few months;

Next stop is Morocco – Yoga, Surf and Spa retreat next week from the 20th – 27th Sept. As always a very lovely group of yogis have booked on and it’s going to be brilliant, I can feel it in my bones.
Please note that my Wednesday classes will be cancelled whilst I’m away, however I struck lucky and have 2 fantastic teachers subbing my Saturday classes, David Keens and Samantha Turner. Its always good to practice with different teachers, it opens your eyes to new snippets of wisdom and different ways of doing things, both David and Sam have an amazing practice so please do turn up and try out their classes 10 30 – 12pm at Broughton Pavilion.

New Thursday evening yoga basics class – starts 6th October at The Heart Yoga Space
I have a brand ‘new’ Thursday evening  level 1/2 class starting up at The Heart Yoga Space in Wolverton – 7 – 8 30 pm each week. I’m so excited to be back teaching there, this time for my lovely friend Geni, whom has has been coming to my classes for as long as I have been teaching. Geni has taken the studio over from Estella and I’m so looking forward to collaborating with her on various yoga offerings. We are both ofen inspired by the same teachers and the same style of practice and have been on many Thelma and Louise road trips to yoga workshops across the country, so I just know that whatever Geni does it will be perfect, meaningful and and right from her heart. The space is so beautiful and really does have a heart, Gen also has some great ideas brewing for next year.

On Friday 29th October 7 – 9 pm – I have a Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra session at The Granary studio, this will be so deeply relaxing and reviving on every level. I already have some bookings for this so please do go ahead and follow the link to payment on my website if you would like to join us as spaces are limited.

Champneys Yoga and Spa weekend – November, 4th – 6th. I am teaching my annual nurturing and reviving yoga weekend at the contemporary Champneys, Springs in Leicestershire, for which there are only 5 places still available. Please follow the link on my retreats page through to Free Spirit yoga if you would like to book.

Friday 16th December – Restorative Yoga and Gong. I am collaborating with Kanti for 2 hours of restful Restorative yoga accompanied by the vibrational healing sounds of the Gong and singing bowls – At the Granary studio.

My 2017 Yoga holidays are already booking up;

Cuba Yoga Holiday – January 14th – 21st – only 4 spaces left….

Norfolk weekend retreat – Friday 31st .March – Sunday 2nd April – only 7 spaces left. I’m collaborating with the lovely Rosemary Booker on this one and its booked up very quickly, if you’re interested please do contact one of us asap. This weekend hideaway is an absolute gem and in a perfect location, we are so lucky to have found it and are really looking forward to sharing all things yoga with everyone.

Next stop – Yoga Holiday – Dayan, Turkey – 29th May – 5th June (May Day Bank holiday week) – I can’t keep away from here for more than a couple of years, this is one of my most favourite beautiful places in the world to be for stunning scenery and nature, Dalyan has my heart.

Crete Yoga Holiday – 20th – 27th June – if you like being a yogi, a foodie and a beach bum – then this one is for you. It’s a Greek tavern in a pretty village right on the beach with a huge Yoga Shala facing the ocean and really great homemade typically Greek food.

I also have lots of other cool ideas bubbling up in the pipeline for future teacher training offerings and workshops next year, will keep you posted when they materialise.

All info and details for everything above is on this web site, just click on to appropriate pages.

As we shift seasons, we will soon bid a final farewell to summer, maybe feeling a tad sad for the loss of this particular summer, but striding confidently onward on our path, welcoming a new phase of our life — a new season, new experiences and opportunities, new schedules. Looking forward to sharing with you.

Wishing you all Autumnal blessings in abundance as as we move in to this next new cycle.

With Love B xxx.

Ps – thought this pose was most appropriate of an Autumnal newsletter as, it’s called sun-dial pose