I’m about to go off grid for 10 days, to teach a beautiful yoga retreat on the island of La Gomera (a magical Spanish Canary island), where we will be disconnecting in order to reconnect.
The wonderful thing about this retreat is that it really is a retreat, literally tucked away in its own secluded bay with mountains as back drop and the vastness of sea all around.
There will be no mobile phone or internet access so we really will have the time to completely unplug so to speak. When we disconnect from our devices, we plug in to life, we reconnect with ourselves, nature and each other. We will have the space to reflect, and relax without any outside stimulation. Our body and mind’s will be treated to healthy, locally sourced and beautifully prepared food, daily meditation and breath work, twice daily yoga, relaxation, body movement/dance classes, the sheer magnificence, peace and quiet of nature. All of this experienced with like minded people and deep and meaningful conversations. 🙂
I know that when we emerge, the experience will have given us all, new found inspiration, clarity, vision, creativity, improved sleep, focus, decreased stress and increased gratitude – all of which are the tools to create more mindful, meaningful, balanced and happy lives.
Right – back to packing, see you in a while 🙂
Adiós Amigos 🙂
B xxx