Last night was the last week of my 8 week beginners course, I have absolutely loved teaching these guys and I’m so proud of how far they have come. It’s been so refreshing as a teacher to teach humble beginner’s mind’s and go back to basics and the foundations of our yoga practice. On their 1st week, they all looked a little daunted and I saw worried faces looking at me as I sat to begin the course but last night as I took the seat of the teacher, I saw happy smiling confident faces looking back at me.

Over the 8 weeks, we covered so much from just learning to stay present and aware of our breath, to learning about the use of props, working to create balanced energy in each pose, engagement of core and bandha locks, a little bit of therapeutics, yoga nidra, breathing techniques, meditation, energy lines and meridian’s and how yoga can help us so much in our every day live’s.
We have shared tears, sweat, peaceful moments, serene contented smiles, raucous laughter and a lot fun.

Last night for me was the icing on the cake, we began with a bit of partner work, then a full sequence with crow thrown in to take them out of their comfort zone and culminating with our apex pose – Ardha Chandrasana – and here they all are doing there very best (which is always good enough for me). Then we celebrated in true style and went off down the pub to have a social.