After a busy weekend of teaching and family, after my son and my husband left early for work this morning, the silence was heavenly music to my ears. It was that perfect sweet communion that I was craving. My meditation cushion beckoned, as I took my seat and inhaled the alluring smell of my favourite incense, I knew that I had arrived home to the feeling of myself once more. The moment that I closed my eyes, the world was muted to a hush as though all things had turned in to this breath and I was magically being drawn in to a deep stirring within. The more that I submerged myself in to this silent reality, the more I heard – silence is profoundly peaceful but she also talks to us. Then when I opened my eyes at the end of my meditation, I was blown away by my reawakened awareness, it carries hope, love, forgiveness, potential and opportunity and I no longer feel separate, we are all in this together….

Love B xxx