So with the chaos that surrounds arriving home after a month away in India such as feeling jet lagged, mountains of washing, hundred’s of e mails and general busy-ness, I found that I needed to feel calm and grounded when I stepped on to my yoga mat this week.
We literally can feel more rooted to the earth through recognising and becoming more aware of our physical connection to the ground such as through the soles of our feet. Feeling grounded is also important not just physically but psychologically. When I find a connection to the earth – I feel that I connect to something much bigger than myself – it’s a feeling of lightness but at the same time I feel fully supported and perfectly at peace with the world again. This reminds me that I am not an isolated ego but just a tiny particle in this vast universe which leaves me feeling reconnected to the feeling of myself.

I take time to slow right down, to tune in to my breath, to pay attention in order to feel more mindful, grounded, stable, peaceful and calm. When I take my focus inwards and keep it there, I am able to deepen my awareness ultimately letting go of any drama in my mind so that I can see things with more clarity and a sense if inner calm.

Love B xx