Love is the answer, Love conquers all, Love is all you need BUT Love is perfectly imperfect

Any of us who have chosen to share a life with a partner will also confirm that each moment spent can bring not just joy and laughter but also tears, fears and challenges that perhaps we thought were not possible in love.

Having recently just got married, I have had so many friends and acquaintances completely in awe of the love that my partner and I have for each other as though we are characters straight out of a fairy tale. However in reality, we are just a couple that fell in love and are trying our best to keep that love alive. Yes of course we share a very deep love and respect for each other and yes I feel that we are soul mates but this is because he is also my mirror, he is my teacher and I am his. We are on the same path in life, we want the same things, we share the same visions for our future but more importantly we both get and understand philosophy. We literally have woken each other up and torn down each other’s wall’s. We both know what triggers will set each other off and make us react but because of that we have learnt about ourselves and we are also learning to recognise our ego selves and our own personal conditioned patterns of thinking and behaviour, also neither of us are afraid to be the first to say sorry. We truly understand what effort it takes to be able to grow together, we are constantly learning about ourselves and about each other and therefore we are evolving together towards the future that we want to share.

I feel that love is sometimes used as an inappropriate concept in our yoga world too. I have experienced there can be a tendency to be overly false or overly nice and dare I say occasionally too much hugging, exaggerated happiness and positivity. But the reality is this – there is no light without darkness, we turn our eyes from the darkness because we are afraid it will smother the precious light we have discovered through our practice.

I have learned so much about love in my lifetime so far. I really feel that you cannot control love and expect things to be perfect. Love is about the choices that I make to myself and others. It’s about setting boundaries and honouring my space and my needs and also the boundaries, space and needs of others. It’s about being intuitive with myself and others and trying my best to be authentic so that I stay true to my own feelings and who I really am whilst also respecting the feelings of others.

Being nice to others, understanding others and loving in general will happen naturally when it flows from a place of love and respect for yourself not fear or control – that is your gift to the world – use it wisely and it will come back to you tenfold.

I cannot wait to be back teaching my regular yoga classes this week. let’s spread a little l o v e.


With Love Brigitte xx