Finally – I am leaving ‘busy’ behind because life should never be too busy for the things that matter most to you…..

I am so lucky to love what I do, and that in turn means that I do it with love and opportunities seem to present themselves to me at exactly the right time…..

In the last 12 months I have taught 4 (fully booked) retreats, 9 workshops, 10 teacher mentoring sessions, mentored 5 yoga teachers individually, taught 14 master-classes, 72 yoga classes and 90 one to ones. I’ve also attended 4 amazing teacher trainings in London with really inspirational teachers, Ive written 47 yoga blogs and 2 articles were published for on line magazines. I also have an incredible new web site which was a year’s work of pure dedication, love and hard slog.

Phew, it’s been a totally crazy whirlwind year and although its been challenging, it’s also been a very self empowering one too and the rewards have been absolutely heart warming. Thank you to all of you whom have moved forwards with me and supported me on new my ventures and on social media too.
In this past year, I have literally only taken one weeks holiday on the end of a retreat and the odd couple of days off here and there.

Something that you may or may not know is that also in this past year we, (Brian Riley) and I have been planning a wedding too – our own!
Therefore, from tomorrow, Im so looking forward to escaping for a month in the sun to our beloved Goa with my love. I shall be savouring a break from teaching although I also plan on getting my own yoga on and visiting a wonderful yoga shala with some really great teachers, ‘Brahmani’, whilst Im there.
Then in the middle of the month we will be exchanging rings and very personal lifetime promises and vows, it’s going to be a really beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach surrounded by our closest family and friends. Right now I am feeling very blessed indeed and extremely grateful that we are able to do this and today I have actually finally started to get very excited too. Is this real? Is this me and my life?

This page may be quiet for a while, but let me leave you with this bit of advice;

We are often caught up in being busy, such is life but please never forget that it is also important to spend time with family, build relationships, have different experiences, go places, create things, help others, or whatever else rocks your boat. Heck just get out there and do something for you.

See you in a month when I’m sure that I will be well rested, rebooted and inspired beyond inspired.

With Warmest Sunshiny Love
Brigitte xxx