So once more we are coming to the end of another year, for me, it’s been an interesting year of really unexpected and unanticipated adversities which I hope have helped me to evolve so much as a mother, daughter,  partner, friend and teacher…..

Personally, it’s  been a busy and challenging year with regards to supporting my close family as well as some serious health issues concerning my Mum too. Then, heartache at the end of the year when I tragically lost 2 of my beloved cats.

With regards to my work, the beginning of the year was a whirlwind, we all had such an amazing time on retreat in Kerala in January and my teaching reflected that and I came back on such a high. Then suddenly, my yoga world fell apart over night, I found myself no longer teaching at Whitespace Yoga Studio. I was literally devastated, I absolutely adored teaching there, I loved the students and my family of co workers all of whom I still miss so very much.

Situations and the people involved in them can become so blown out of proportion, misinterpreted, misunderstood, misconstrued and we can all sometimes become embroiled in our own personal stories. Time however, is a great healer and now I see a much bigger, clearer, brighter and different picture nearly a year on, life has a wonderful way of unfolding just as its meant to if you can just trust and flow with it.

I have learnt this many times in my life now,  the universe knows what she is doing, we just have to hold on when life gets a bit bumpy and have faith in the outcome. It’s been reassuring to know that if I stay true to myself, listen inwardly to my intuition as well as believe in myself, then follow through with all of that, I am supported. I have also been so incredibly lucky to have had so many caring students and friends whom have accompanied me with solidarity and such encouragement through the ups and the downs this year.

I have embraced change wholeheartedly, made some important decisions and stepped out of my comfort zone big time. This year my teaching has taken me down a very different path but also very exciting busy path to another level which has been both daunting but also hugely rewarding. The landscape of my life has changed so much over the past 12 months and now I find myself asking how I would like to see things develop over the next twelve?

The New Year always offers us the opportunity to make more positive choices and this year as it still sits in its gestation,  I’m looking forward to a fresh start.  I’m setting intentions of new more nourishing and beneficial habits.

I want to do things differently.  I intend to not take on so much (this is the hardest one for me), I intend to love more and listen more. I intend to take better care of myself (this one comes up every year), I intend to show up much more for my family.  I intend to be more organised and plan ahead more. I also  want to contribute something of value to this world (I already have an idea and a seed planted)……

Our new year intentions should be not just once-a-year resolutions but daily commitments and daily actions and when you forget, when you revert to the comfort of past patterns, forgive yourself and begin again as often as needed.

2016 also has a very special pull for me because I’m finally tying the knot and marrying my love, my rock and my partner of 6 years, Brian. We are spending practically the whole month of February with family and friends exchanging lifetime vows and celebrating in our most favourite place in the world, Goa, India.

Until then, I have a busy schedule of events in January and some other new exciting programs later in the year that are still waiting patiently to be birthed. Watch this space….

January events;

Saturday 2nd January – 90 minute Detox Vinyasa class – 10 30am – 12pm

Sunday 3rd January – Urban Yoga Retreat Day – Setting New Intentions – 10 am – 4 15 pm

Saturday 16th January – Teacher mentoring session, modifications and working with props – 2 – 5pm

Friday 30th January – Yin/Restorative Restful Yoga Master class – 7pm – 9pm

All of these and details of all other classes and workshops can be found here on my web site.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful year ahead, I look forward to sharing and shifting  yoga practice with you throughout 2016 and remember to keep your visions alive every day.

With Lots of Love and Light Brigitte xxx