Question – “How can we possibly achieve world peace?”

Peace is a verb, in other words it is a ‘doing’ thing. Therefore ‘to do’ peace, we have to all unite and work towards it. We must try our best to achieve peace in our own minds and our own lives first,  then – can we offer it freely to others and not just the people that we choose and like but to all sentient beings?. This means that we have to become more conscious, it is not enough to dream about it or talk about it or simply want peace. We have ‘to do’ so much more than that, we have to live it, we have to breathe it, we have to try our best to carry it around with us. Basically each and every one of us human beings has to become more aware of how we behave in this world that we live in. Peaceful co-existence is the only way of existence in this world.

Peace is about totally letting go of our every day minor, friend, family, colleague fall outs and believe me they are trivial in the light of the dreadful atrocities going on in this world we live in. Peace is about seeing a much much bigger picture. It’s about being kind to everyone, its about loving whole heartedly, its about forgiving, its about tolerating, its about generosity and giving, it doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, the smallest expression of good will will suffice.

Personally I believe that it’s coming – very very slowly, but word is getting out there especially as yoga, meditation and other awareness practices are becoming more main stream every year. I say there can never be enough yoga teachers in the world if we can all teach and inspire people to become more informed, more aware and more compassionate.

Also don’t lose hope, – there is a new generation of ‘peace makers’ growing up right now. My kids and their friends (all in their early 20’s) are so much more conscious than I was at their age, they have asked me about meditation and they get it. They are far less judgemental, less prejudiced and way more open minded. My son cannot be indoctrinated by politicians, he has his own opinions and stands by his beliefs as do his friends, in fact it is so refreshing to have conversations with them about politics. Young people are therefore vital participants in future peace building – they have the potential to help improve world relations in years to come, especially with social media technology which is also helping them all to grow knowledge and become even more interconnected.

Above all, this concept has to be nurtured, we have try not to be disheartened when we watch the news. Instead lets be optimistic, it won’t happen over night, of course not but we have to believe that it is possible one day in the future – if we all pull together, we can ‘do’ WORLD PEACE.

Where there is tolerance there is peace, and where there is intolerance, there is war and violence. This is the only universal formula of tolerance for peace, and this same formula may be successfully applied to one’s family life and to social life, as well as at the international level. Peace requires us to foster a culture of tolerance, for intolerance can lead only to war.

Peace and love B xxx